I agree on that front; That was HB Ronnie Prude; caught the eskies off gaurd somewhat on that hail mary kind of throw. Edmonton was expecting an out pass to the sideline [I say], Bombers OC knew what he was doing on that play call.

As per twitter Morley Scott; Esks have signed DT Claude Wroten, former Argo released at training camp. May play on Friday as Robinson, Sewell and Howard are projected out.

If Wroten plays up to his potential, wow will we be loaded. Just think three former SEC guys on our defensive line! :o

The SEC generates more professional, including especially the NFL, talent than any other college football conference.

Most NCAA teams from other conferences cannot match up with SEC defences. Some of that is due to a lot of corruption in the so-called academic standards though.

Wroten was over rated, but at least we're getting scrap heap player's from teams besides the Rider's and Bomber's.

And why the hell did we get a tackle to cover for injured ends?
Can anyone say "Jeanty" :?
I can't wait to read Tillman's lies to explain this crap.

Esks D-Line for the game against Regina; Etienne Legare has recovered from Mono...whew.

DE - Williams - Lemon [Capicciotti]
NT - Laurant [Wroten]
DT - Oramasionwu [Legare]
HB - Brown [Prude]
Edit; Robinson and Sewell out with minor injuries..

Well they forgot how to tackle a little but boy did they shut down Getzlaf and Dressler. That was truly impressive.

When the secondary gets the tackling right, our team's play will go from good to great.

At least they shut down the pass coverage this time and did not allow any easy downfield completions including the Hail Mary at the end. Now the secondary has to get the coverage right against taller receivers too whether or not the passes are quackers.

Claude Wroten DL released today.

It amazes me that Wroten has no trade value, and we are overloaded on the defensive line anyway as is something that is hard to do in the CFL.

It will also surprise me if no other team picks up Wroten.

Montreal, Hamilton, and Calgary come to mind.

J. Reid DT is set to come off the nine game for one of games against Calgary...perhaps at Commonwealth is my guess.
Sewell DT is close to getting the call in Toronto - if not in Calgary at McMahon.

Now that the last half of the season is upon us; Mark Nelson on his work speaks wonders with what has been accomplished. Stubler in B.C. has the Offense picking up the slack on mistakes of perhaps an over-rated Defense? Most teams run the Eagle D; cool on that front - Mark Nelson on the double Eagle disguise flex; Edmonton hands down vs B.C. Sept. 22nd.. at Commonwealth.

Did you just call BC's defence overrated? Didn't they go several games without giving up a TD?

Could be the poorest tackling secondary is more like what I meant and should have included in my Quote.

I don't see how the Lions' defense is overrated. They've proven their worth this season. No, they're not perfect -- they can be had just like any other team's defense, but it's much harder to attack their weaknesses because their front four are just ferocious and their DC is a longtime CFL veteran who knows how to maximize his personnel.

Stubler has put a great D together; Eskies brought in a secondary coach for this years season which didn't go over to well with Rich and could have led to his departure to the Lions. But then; I admit I'm stirring the pot somewhat.
Good for D&P for calling me on it. Cheers.

No worries, backer, and I sure wasn't aiming to call you on anything. FWIW I think BC and Edmonton have the best defenses in the league at the moment.

I thought Stubler went back to BC (where he'd been the D-line coach recently if memory serves) out of loyalty to Mike Benevides, who plucked him out of high school coaching and back into the pro ranks. But I could be wrong.

I think we both have merit on Stubler.

They have to find again the defence that played before the Calgary series. I am thinking that having both Laurent and Howard out has made enough of a different up front such that the back seven are that much more exposed.

Even so they have to tighten things up in the back eight besides Sherritt and Munoz and then Hill on a limited basis on his stronger points but not as a full LB.

Hill is great to have in there as a complementary player, as he should not be part of any inside run-stuffing or deep coverage responsibilities.

The secondary is out of sync for sure.

Wouldn't be surprised if it has to do with the offence. I said from the start that the offence would eventually wear out the defence. I believe we had two first downs in the first 21 minutes of the second half last night. That means the defence was on the field constantly.

Edmonton's 7th in the league in Time of Possession with 26 minutes per game.