I'm sick of hating this team, let's talk defence :slight_smile:

Sherritt and Sewell have been unbelievable, and deserve to be recognized for their efforts. We may have the best front 7 in the league. Until a penalty aided drive against Sask. we did a heck of a job stifling them.

Got something good to say about the D, I bet we'd all like to hear it. :thup:

Absolutely correct. We should not lose site of what a phenominal job our defense is doing. Speaking of that penalty aided drive, I have to ask, when did no yards change to 7 yards instead of 5?

Nelson's D is stronger than last year which is a plus; more pressure on the D-Line and the LB's should be evident as the season rolls along. Other than tonight's game, it's the game in B.C. that I'm concerned about..ect. ["OFFENSE" is needed]

We have the best front seven in the league in my less than humble opinion.

The secondary scares me now after the Winnipeg game including especially on the tackling and high balls, including even what look to me like 'quackers,' to tall receivers.

In the last game the secondary really made Matthews look good though he just simply wanted it more.

Imagine what a team with ONE solid QB and a corps of receivers could do if Winnipeg at least connected 6 times for 99 yards through Matthews even when you take out the awful quacker catch with missed tackles for TD for 72 yards!? :frowning:

Don't think other teams are not watching the film to study our weaknesses in the secondary so as to exploit it with the big play with big play receivers.

The front seven can't get to the QB on every down, and big plays are psychologically worth more than just the points they generate for sake of a team's momentum in a game.

Indeed the Eskies do rank at the top; Sherritt leads in tackles with 24 - Defense leads in sacks with 11...
[the Lions have given up the least conceded sacks at 3] Big plays is "KEY" going into B.C. Place; Jyles/Koch/Fred Stamps - will connect on deep vertical routes - :thup:

To be honest I agree with the comment that we have the best defense in the league. And an even better front 7. However I think our secondary is better than what you play them out to be. All the guys where wanting it as much as the WR, they went up and tried to make plays (3 INTS). The opposing offense is always guna win some too, Matthews is 6'5. Burnett from my perspective did a pretty damn good job as a rookie CB covering him. And on his TD pass we also had a backup Safety who couldnt cover the field quickly and a lazy attempted tackle by Thompson. They took a play off that time and hopefully they learnt from it. :slight_smile:

Yes I was referring to Winnipeg able to make big plays against our secondary as our only defensive weakness, but you are correct I think we can at last make big plays against the weak secondary they have in BC.

Now if only Jyles can get those open throws on the fine routes run by those two guys plus Carr and Chambers on target!

Back to defence for this thread though.

Agreed 100%

The defence is pretty special. I like that we've yet to give up 20 points in a game, and also that we're leading the league in takeaways. I believe they said we had 9 before last night's game. With Burnett's two picks, that puts us into double-digits, and we're not even a third of the way into the season. :smiley:

It was confirmed as well last night.

BC posted the sign about Laurent's claim in their locker room for motivation, and now it can damn sure stay up there too! :smiley:

We also lead the league in sacks. Been a while since we've done that. :smiley:

I wasnt sure what to expect before kickoff for the Eskimos as a whole. I knew BC wouldnt put up more than 21 points, but i wasnt sure if our offense would put up more than 21 points either. A great team effort against a good club last night. Milt Stegal said if Edmonton pulls out a convincing win over BC, he'll believe we are for real. Well I think we are for real for sure now. Defense was phenomenal. Jyles actually played amazing too. Only critcism of the offense is coming away with field goals within the 20 yard line. Those NEED to be touchdowns. We had i think 3 occurances where we were 20 yards or closer and had to settle for a field goal. Very frustrating. All in all, great team effort :cowboy:

Sort of a side topic but Burnett's return's have been excellent.
He's giving us great field position so even if the offense sputters we still retain the field position advantage.
Gotta give Jyles credit too, he's improved alot. Hope that continues.

That's a fine observation Sean on one of my favourite players in the league, Burnett, for that matter.

I think Figurs will be waived by September after the NFL cuts re-shuffle, for there is no need to have him on roster now given his poor performance as a return man so far.

A well deserved Defensive POTW for Burnett :thup:

It's too bad 1 ugly play tarnished what was a great game for the Esks and a big win over a real good team.

Congrats to him. :smiley:

Congrats to Burnett on his performance for Defensive player of the week.
As for Figurs; he's been/was released today.

Figurs wasn't producing as expected, not living up to the hype.

Depth chart for the Winnipeg game; Rottier/Bertrand injured has changed up the Import/non Import ratio. In for Matty at FB is Harrington. Here's a switch-up; in on Defense is DL Lemon - Howard DE comes out. Interesting...ect.

Big plays on quacker passes against our defence have to stop now.

If it's a perfect pass as from Calvillo so be it sometimes, but when the defensive back can't stop a tall receiver from catching a bad high pass, what's the point of pass coverage? :roll:

Regular guys like me can throw a ball high to hang and dive like a dying duck like that too for that matter.

The next guy to give up a score or big play deep in his own end from a quacker pass needs to be sent packing too.