Remember the days of Covington, Zambiasi and Bennett when they used destroy offences. Or, the days of Montford, Tiggle and Hitchcock when they used to do the same. Those were days. Sadly I don't think we'll be seeing anything like that in this city again for quite a while.

Remember how bad Creehan's defence was last year in Calgary?

Points allowed in 2007

TOR 286
B.C 356
MTL 376
WPG 383
SSK 404
EDM 443
HAM 460
CAL 516

Yes I do. He should be fired right after the game, he is BRUTAL.


No Pressure...
The Front 4 is Bad Really Bad..
Creehan's defence is Base Cover 2.
That is a Zone Defence .
Without pressure it useless..

The secondary got eaten alive. Smiling Hank had all stinking day. Dave Ritchie????

Doesn't matter what the secondary does, no pressure will kill you every time as was witnessed last night.

Haven't seen a great d-line since the days of Mike Walker, Rod Skilman, Mitchell Price and Grover Convington oh ya Bob Sauve too.

Often times, Montford was good enough on his own.

Doesn't matter what the secondary does, no pressure will kill you every time as was witnessed last night.
Yeah, I agree completely. What can the secondary do when the QB is having a picnic back there? Eventually somebody is going to get open.

Its not just a lack of pressure though. Some quick hitters (as Suitor likes to call them), there was NO ONE around the ball. One replay the Stamps reciever was the only one in the frame (and it wasnt a close up)...I'm talking 10-15 yards on ALL sides of him. THAT my friends has nothing to do with pressure. it talent on the team as a whole..or the schemes?

I realize getting someone, anyone, to put pressure on the quarterback will solve almost all of the Ticats problem on defense, but maybe Creehan is a little out of his element running a 4-3 defense.

I know a professional coach should be able to adapt to what is given to him. But I wonder if Creehan is trying or going to try to transition the defense from the 4-3 he is running now to the 3-4 he is more comfortable with.

I know that sort of transition can take a while to complete because of the need for larger defensive linemen and linebackers that can both rush the passer and drop back in to coverage. It is a completely different defensive philosophy really.

Maybe that is the reason for Zeke Moreno looking out of position on the field at times? He isn't yet comfortable in his role in Creehan's defense?

Your thoughts?

  • paul

I think Creehan is making things to complicated. He should just develop a few basic lineups and let the players just play. The second and long setup we use is useless. Once the players grasp their roles, then begin to throw in some blitz packages.

The Dline was very poor this game, but i think some people are forgetting that Chartlon Keith, who is underweight, had to play DE, and as we witnessed; he didnt have much of a push. We also had to play Terrance Patrick at DT instead of DE to fill in for Darrell Adams who has done very well for us at DT.

If Creehans defensive scheme is so lame why did Obie
let Taffie sign him? I say Obie needs to arrange a visit to principle's office for a accountabilty meeting.

Wait a minute here.

We have a Defence?

we should let Mosca stand behind Creehan and every time the SYSTEM, not the player fails Ang gets to hit him with his cane. Nothing like a little pain to get creative juices running.
On the plays where the player failed Ang gets to hit him. Win/win from my point of view.

Realistically why isnt Danny Mac running the OC job?

Creehan was let go in Calgary but so were a number of Calgary ā€˜Dā€™ players. Chicken or egg? Iā€™m leaning strongly toward the coaching theory but what do I know?

I do think our defence is our weak link on the team right now, outside of Jesse's status.
That being said, the last game against a very good Hufnagal coached team against Creehan's defensive schemes,I think Calgary knew exactly what defensive alignments Creehan was going to use because he was their D/C last year and a coach like Hufnagal knew Creehan's tendancies and obviously took full advantage of that.
Might be a lame excuse for no changes at the half but it's all i've got. LOL!

Don't worry I heard Obie is developing a 5 year plan.