From what I saw, the Alouettes could do anything they wanted on Offence. The half time score of 23-3 could have been a lot worse if they had scored a few td’s. Hamilton had no answer for their running game with Colborne & the 2 Canadians Kerry Carter & Darren Diedrich.
I tip my hat to them. Montreal is a pretty solid team with depth.

Other than not being able to tackle, get a pass rush or cover, I thought the defence looked good.

The defense was very soft. If this is how they defend the run then we do need some fresh talent up front. The secondary I think will be fine though.

I dont' even know where to start with this. Hopefully they just blew the game and next week they'll show us that they're better than this.

It was the Alouetts in 2nd and long followed by a 20-yard completion that bothered me the most.

Were the halfbacks and safety too deep? Or the linebackers too shallow?

That is for Mr. Creehan to find out.

  • paul

Gordon did not look good at all. Me thinks they picked on him a wee bit with much success. 2 TD’s to be exact. As for any pressure on the QB…


It was a lot of guys first game hopefully there will be a lot of improvement next week in TO. If our offense can stay on the field for a little while it may help NML cause he was one tired man.

I was very upset with the D last night but the same thing happened that has been happening for the last few years the offence couldn’t keep possession of the ball and the defence was on the field all game.