Okay, back the truck up, who is available out there right now, I think they need to add a few guys to the secondary, how about the guy who was holding out, was it Bell, and Santino Hall is out there, didnt Hamilton just release somebody, Dickerson was it, and what about nfl cuts, we must have a few guys on our neg list. Also, I think we need to look at linbacker again, Woodson looks like the best of the bunch, I think McGriggs may be too old, they should bring in another outside guy and how Fells for Wick if we can get him back. Any other suggestions.

Cmon Taman get on the phone and get some guys in here to at least light a fire under the a$$es of what we have now if nothing else.

I cant believe Santino Hall Is still out there...theres gotta be more to his release than just being a bad influence

Sometimes a bad influence on one team doesn't mean he will be a bad actor on another team, some player's respond in ace's when given a second chance. Hall could have other issue's such as legal trouble's or a change of profesion.

Tamon stated yesterday, that he is looking for DB's with Cfl experience ratther than NFL cuts. My question to Tamon is, just how stupid are you. If these DB's with CFL experience are out there, why arn't they playing this year with us or somebody else, probably because they are not good enough. We are not trying to shore up a strong secondary for a playoff run, we are looking for new young talent that will help in years to come. Open your wallet up in the off season and bring in high profile Db's, we'll be better off than looking threw the trash can in mid season.

Santino Hall is apparently signed and will start against the Riders Sat....according to CJOB...

Too bad for the Riders he is an excellent DB, tall rangy and agressive. Now he will probably come back to haunt us like every other player that leaves lol

Oh, we can only hope he'll come out mean and nasty. Players against there old teams usually step it up a notch or two.

Ha ha, the little fellow (Taman) dosnt disappoint, he has gone right out and gotten two new DBs in Hall and Taylor. I will say this much about him, he dosnt sit around with his finger up his a$$, at least he is trying to make moves, good job Taman.

What took him so long, it's not like we were tearing up the CFL, but your right Pigseye... he's not sitting around doing nothing, and he made a great trade.I Shouldn't be so hard on the little guy,and besides.. he's looking stressed out these days.