Im pretty tired of everybody underating our defence. its obvious were last against the pass because 75% of our secondary was injured for most of the season thus far. when we get davin back, we give up under 250 yards to buck and the lions and 150 to butler and the argos, who had just passed for over 300 yards against saskatchewan the game before. imagine what our secondary would be like with all our starters in

the only reason we arnt running away with a league leading sack total is because when we blitz the QB can dump it off instantly because of our soft back up DBS. our defence will quickly run up the rankins as soon as we have a healthy secondary. if you notice, when we get pressure 3 of our 4 lineman are alwayse in the backfield. the secondary just hasnt been covering well enough. gavin walls could easily win the sack race, with tom up in the top 5. once beans in there with bush we will also see a lot more interceptions.

especially if bolden ends up coming back this season. then we can just place malbrough on the 9 game injured reserve and cut him in the off season... im tired of his injuries and his salary will take a huge chunk off jurans

...seems you and i are on the same wave-length James......the BIGGEST problem with the Bombers this year is the fact we have not had a healthy secondary all year....when Bean is on his game...nobody will be throwing in his area at will ...guaranteed....Bush ...Malveaux are decent dbs. we are missing a key piece...and that would be Malbrough who can't seem to stay healthy...insert Bolden in his have a very solid secondary....i know this isn't entirely the d backs that have cost the Bombers so far this year...and i know it hasn't got anything to do with defence....but our special teams have been playing gets me so damned mad when i see the opposition ..lining up for a return and either our guys over-run the bloody play...or forget how to tackle...and their returner rips us for big yds...we gotta get better in this dept.....fix these things that we're talking about James...and we have a solid division leader....east or west.... :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

i totally agree our defence is great but we need some healthy bodies and adding bolden wouldnt hurt cus it seems malbrough is very brittle, and doesnt seem he can last longer than 3 plays

Guess the Bolden issue should shake out this week end. We have to look at the Malbrough time on the injury list. We are wasting time waiting and that is costing us. Weel having Bean and Bush back sure will help.

The secondary will be just fine once we can actually get the same guys playing together for a stretch. I wouldn't worry too much about it, guys like Moss, Young & Logan are getting valuable playing time to provide depth in the future.

i would prefer they didnt play moss unless they absolutely had to, the guy gets completely manhandled and is way to short. if they are going to start moss they mide as well start logan cuz there really is no drop in play. i say stick with young and chijoke. they have impressed the most so far IMO

I forgot about Chiko too. If the ratio allows, I would rather see Moss than Logan, at least he has some speed despite being vertically challenged. In a perfect world, neither would be starting.

I find that we're all on the same page here so I'll just mention the 6th stand that was either 4th and one or 4th and goal. Absolutely amazing. Barrin and the boys up front are special and if the secondary comes around, THIS WILL BE THE BEST DEFENCE IN THE LEAGUE!
There I said it, now, let's make it happen.

....crafty ol Barrin...he waited for Cates to make his move in the Rider backfield....and when he tipped his hand he wasn't going to get the ball by moving to the line....keying on Joseph was the way to go....Barrin is a very smart and exceptionally gifted line-backer....i'm still thanking the leos for letting him go....heh if only we could get a secondary with some smarts....i know a few of them have the ability :roll:

i think one big play guy is what this secondary needs. reinheart from montreal could turn this secondary from worst to first. a leader and teamed up with bean they would wreak havoc. sad to say ive givin up on bolden.

could be that theyve been injured all year and just dont have the necessary coninuity. but i think getting a guy like reinheart at half and moving bush up to corner would make this unit one heck of a secondary

Don't give up on Bolden, NFL teams just declared their rosters and Juran finds himself unemployed.

Rumour has it Ike will be back soon and Bolden may not be far behind.

If so, there are going to be a few expendable bodies around, maybe a big name or two, who could end up trade bait.

Hamilton is bound to want to make some moves and Edmonton, with their injuries, can't be far behind. They have a few guys on special teams I wouldn't mind the Bombers getting their hands on.