i blame this ass kicking solely on the D..
that was a rediculous performance and i hope they take a long hard look at themselves... there was a lot of people talking about how our offence wont always be there to save the D(averaging over 300 yards a game through the air) and this time they couldnt even stop the run and do what they did best

this is simply rediculous, i hope the fricken play calling tightens up, and our D better be a heck of a lot better when malbrough bean and bush are back cuz if not we wont be able to make it very far into the playoffs, nevermind win a grey cup

s lot of people were saying it was a bend but dont break D.... nice excuse, honestly i didnt know what to think of the matter, but now i do... something better be done. get our guys back in the secondary stop putting in such a huge cushion and never ever put mckinlay in there unless he is prepared. he was running around with his head cut off tonight

and please for the love of all thats good, get a grip on the flippin ball

jesus christ! last year we wanted a little offence and we get it but now the defence SUCKS ASS!

and someone please tell cam hall to stop leaving his feet and to wrap up after contact. he missed way to many tackles tonight

and i sure hope pikula is coming along real well in his developement because westwood cant kick worth crap anymore got it james....and when you get a guy in the backfield ....put him on the ground....not make some half-assed attempt at wrapping the guy up... :thdn:

Seems to me, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't McKinlay replace Hall after his umpteenth failed tackle attempt?

i dont know but if thats the case please put edison in there, or re sign ike should he become available

...the Bombers secondary is in a mess...Bush out....Marlborough out...and the best guy...Bean injured....IF ...those guys are playing...different story...

please lord let those guys get healthy! We arent BC if havent noticed we cant play with half of our team injured…

The coaches made some major blunders on defence in this one. They started Young in the secondary for Logan and had to start McKinaly at LB for Jenkins ??????????????? Are you f@@@@@@king serious ??? I hope to hell Jenkins was hurting because he is the best OLB we have. Lumsden totally rapped MicKinaly running to the outside, he just doesn't have the speed to get to the corner, major mistake as Jesse broke off those two big scores.

But you know what, several of you were crying because we were giving up so many passing yards. Well guess what, they tried to shore up the secondary and it totally cost us in the run game.

The only cure for this is to get Jenkins back out there and maybe start Edison over Hall, who had almost as bad a night as McKinaly.

or you know we could just start stoddard and wilson, and keep all our play makes on the field in D

start the strongest threeports in the recieving corps(bench brazzell as hes the weakest) and start the two best NIs. that way we can go with our best players in the secondary and still keep jenkins on the field and hebert at safety

dont put logan or mckinlay in the starting line up

the only NI on defence should be doug brown

I agree 100%, with Armstrong, Edwards and Stegall, we don't need Brazzell in there too. The I spot would be better served on defence. Johnson and Reid could always go in at receiver in an injury pinch.

yes but one problem, berry refuses to sit brazzell for some reason. i dont know what brazzell has on berry but it must be good

its not that hes an increadibly useless reciever, hes good and all(some of the time) but not good enough to make up for the D. the playmakers on defence in the starting lineup (jenkins, hebert, malbrough malveux, bean, bush, simpson etc) are all far to good to be kept off the field

im sure most fans would agree that this would strengthen the defence, and the team as a whole to bench brazzll... its worth the sacrifice

Agreed. I have never been a big Brazzell fan. That play in the second quarter where Glenn gave him an absoulutely perfect pass into the endzone and he dropped it was ridiculous.

The idea of letting Brazzell go in order to get another import in on defence makes sense to me. Brazzell's always been maddeningly inconsistent, and with your receiving corps you really don't need him.

Secondary should be fine once the walking wounded return, and the D-line is solid so maybe a LB would be a good pickup. Simpson's the best in the league at MLB in my opinion (although yes he was outplayed by Moreno last night, but I think that's a one-off aberration, Simpson's still the best in my books), but Hall and McKinlay were less than stellar (I like Jenkins a lot). So maybe pick up one import outside LB.

Is Jackie Mitchell still around somewhere in game shape, I wonder?

Hummmm! Guess Brown was Jesse's girl! We have no secondary and the LB's have to try and help out so all of a sudden we have nothing left to protect the line. And, you don't have to pile drive the guy but you should still get him down. From here it does not get easier also. Remember, Bombers always do this sort of thing to us so let's just roll with it.

Keep the excuses for the losses comming. Looks good on you. Beware of the CATS