Defence was great but alan still had a lot of time to throw the ball. No touchdowns though

Praise be the defence! Praise be the defence!

We hold a team to 11 points.
We prevent them from scoring even 1 touchdown.

Praise be the defence hallowed be their names.

Yep the d was good but in the last minutes they needed to stop the Argos. They have the best kicker in the league. D played too far off in the end. Especially Cody.

C'mon, they were beat-up, worn out, and missing starters and subs to injury. What they needed was some help from the offense, holding onto the ball long enough to kill the clock.

Defense played great and they should be proud!! How frustrating can it be to be on defense and to know game after game that if the other team scores 11 points on you it is over!!


Hamilton style tough ,big heart defence :thup: :thup: :thup:

I thought Damon would score 60 points tonight but our defence said NO WAY. :o

The Defence was one huge positive for us Saturday!!!

They were banged up but saved the game for us ,gave us the lead ,unbelievable performance Defence! :thup: :thup: