Defence wins championships

Thanks to the open-mindedness of this sites moderator (Billy Soup) I am going to re-post a thread that has been repeatedly removed from the BC LIons forum. It is ironic since I have been a Lions fan for 50 years and only recently became a poster after reading forum posts prompting B.C. Lions to show their spirit and wake up the board. However, my Lion blood is thicker
than, and my mind more open than just as the team I support...I won't give up that easily.
With this in mind...


It is proven repeatedly. Regardless, of offensive is the defence that is most critical at this time of the year.
Obviously I am concerned with the state of the Lion's. Is it repairable and can it be done quickly enough?
Can the offence find a way to move the ball against one of the league's best d's and take some of the pressure off their own?
On the other side of the ball...will the Riders attack simply take advantage or continue their inconsistency?
Can either team solve the blanket man-man Stampeder coverage?
Can the East do a job on the West?
Many questions...I welcome your thoughts before we begin to find out.

I have always been a big proponent of Defence. It might have to do with me having always played defence in every sport I played.

Richie Halls' Defence is very well formed. It is Solid at all positions, and exceptional at some. The LB's are the best in the league. The secondary is solid, with Richie Being an old DB he has taught these guys well. A lot of Veteran Leadership back there with Morgan, Davis, and Frazier. The DLine is probably the weakest spot, but I think they have got better in the last two games, creating more pressure. The return of John Chick is a huge plus and hopelfully he stays healthy.

BC's Defence is no slouch either. No doubt you have the best front 4 in the League. The LB's are solid, and you have a bunch of Ball hawks in the secondary. I just don't think they play as well a team defence as the Riders do.

It will be a great game, with both teams strengths going against each other. Our Defence vs your Offence. Our Rushing vs your front 4

The Riders D is capable of taking this team to the Grey Cup but the offense has got to limit turnovers. Even the greatest “D” can’t overcome too many of those. I’m not saying the Riders can’t have any turnovers but they must be limited.

The Riders D at home is a different team than the Rider D away. They play like they've got 13 men.

Fortunately for us, Calgary feels like home too.

...and of the two games your team played here they squeaked out one win and got embarassingly bare-ass-ly spanked in the other....and this feels like home?....pretty abusive home I'd say...

Riders will win if the offence can stay on the field score a few points, time of possesion and ball control their defence will do the rest, Riders go into the playoffs with the best defence, but if they end up on the feild all game thats bad news, REDWHITE your talk about one sided wins don't matter during regular season its playoff time, did the Riders not take care of the Stamps last playoff run? we all know no team wants to play the Riders. And we all know who the Stamps organization and fans are cheering for, they will be a very nervous bunch when the Riders win Saturday.

Your right defense does win championships. This quote from the Calgary sun is interesting:
No three-down defence allowed fewer points, touchdowns or rushing yards in the regular season than the Calgary Stampeders. The Horsemen also boasted the CFL's second-lowest mark in total yardage surrendered and first downs against. And to top that off they have the number one offense as well.

That's why you guys earned 1st place and good on you for that. It's clean slate time now. Rememberances of past glory or best of rankings may influence bookies but will have little effect on game outcome. It's true Defences help to win championships but TEAMS WIN Championships. So, whichever team comes out with the best all round effort will go to the Grey Cup. That's what it's all about.

What about the St. Louis Rams of 1999 or the New England Patriots of last year? Neither team had defense, the Rams won the Super Bowl and the Pats could have drove to win.

I think too much is put into this phrase because if you can't move the ball, you ain't gonna win. If you remember the Baltimore Ravens when they won the SB, their defense in the regular season was lights out. In the playoffs it struggled but somehow the offense was putting up points.

A good defense in the CFL still gives up a pile of yards because the field is so big. In the CFL you need an offesne that you can rely on and it doesn't matter how good your defense is.

I'd say the Giants D won that Super Bowl... with a little help from that ridiculous catch.