Defence or Tillman missing the boat

It appears as if Tillman is missing the boat again in Saskatchewan. Just like he did in Ottawa, he hasn't learnt that offence doesn't win championships. Defence does. He is so happy with his signings of has been offensive players Yeast, Flick etc and yet he has gutted the defense...gone are Davis, Morgan, Bush, Mitchell....that is a third of our starting defense that was rated second in the league last year....where is his head.....

although i somewhat am a little takin back by what hes doin, at least football scholars like rob vanstone daryl davis and carm carteri wont be all over him. like shivers said "maybe one of them should coach". weve had the best defence in the league for quite some time, but still, according to these "Talking heads", good defence and ball control offence takes a back seat to excitement here. look how far the bears went this year. the problem is our media is always looking the other direction and cant decide which is best basically because they have no idea about football in its basics. let the people in charge do what they do. thats why they do it and we dont. like my dad always says, the message conveyed by us the fans and media to the team year in and year seems to always be "entertain us...if you dare!"

I think you are missing the point... so

We got outbid for Bush and Morgan (Desperation in Edmonton), Mitchell was hardly a starter as he was allways injured. Nate (I love him ) but age and injurys have slowed him and he just wasn't the same last year,,,,,changes happen every year---we have had one of the best D's for 5 yrs,,,they don't seem to win much without an offence

I agree. There is a Salary cap now, we cant just go and match Edmontons price on Morgan, if he wanted to be here he wouldnt have left, tillman put an offer out. There are a ton of Pros in the states that are younger faster and cheaper then we would get for old vetrans like davis

me im sad in the fact our steller d fence has been dismantled and i wont get to see the preditor chasing qb's through the back field. and replace edie davis???? u on cack some times experience is more important than speed and age. did u look at the # of takes our boy had' he can obviously still play and a lot better than any other db in the cfl

Alteast the Greenriders have an Offence.

Hamilton is looking Really bad..

Tilman couldn't realiticly match Edmontons offer to Morgan and try to stay within t6he salary cap. They(Edmonton & others) are paying large signing bonuses which are exempt from the salary cap. So much for the equal playing field that everyone was talking about. Other teams will exceed the cap by paying signing bobuses that don't coun't against the cap or by hiding priviate servises contracts under other compamy names( Calgary & BC). This is just a snow job for any team trying to stay on a true cap value. The ones who try will not be able to compete and they too will have to "bend" the rules to survive.

Unfortunately for you guys, thats true

Eric Tillman has quite the mess to clean up, SMS wise. I do believe some more salaries have to pared or eliminated, so dont be too suprised if another player leaves the Riders. Richardson is a FA, and my guess is that another name player might be his on way out of town.

imo tillman has not missed any boat, he has merely tryed to keep everyone(fans, coaches, and the board) happy while still being logical.

yes it's hard to see players leave, but it's good to see tillman come in and simply evaluate the player and his contract; and match that against the cost of replacing him with another suitable player.

in the end our defence will still be great because we have ritchie hall, and if he thought we couldn't get by without nate or omar, then at least one would still be here!

Look at his stay in Ottawa, Tillman ignored the defence so Ottawa was a one deminsional team. When Joseph got hurt or some of his key players the team folded like a sac of potatoes.

Having Ritchie Hall as Defensive Coordinator does no good if he doesn't have the players. Look at B.C, after Dave R, comes in from Winnipeg the Defense took off. What happened in the Winnipeg, with Dave, was a GM that tried to focus on offense...the old view offense sells.....well it doesn't if you don't win....and you can't win if the other team can put up 30 or 40 points on you....sorry....

Salary management is only a problem when all teams break it....up until the last 2 or 3 years, half the teams in the league would live within the system. Half (Edmonton, BC, Toronto, Montreal) would not live within the cap. When teams like Saskatchewan and Winnipeg said okay we will level the field then the cap is a problem. Well to bad for Edmonton and Toronto....Saskatchewan should continue to go over the cap until the league is serious about enforcing it.

I dunno if i'm missing something here, but is Luca Congi still our only punter? If so, WTF?

At the moment, but the plan is to bring in some others, remember training camp is still 3 months awa.

maybe hell bring in some NFL castoff. Like EE tried to do last year with Rodney Williams