Defence Not Keeping Pace With Offence

Just checked the standings on the main site and was surprised at how poorly the defence is doing. The offence has scored 478 points which is second best in the leaque. The defense has allowed 446 points which is the second worst. Does this mean that Etch has to go back to the drawing board?

My 1st thought is that we're in high scoring games.

Near the top in points scored & near the bottom in points allowed yup sounds like high scoring games to me.

Our record...1st in the west is as good as it gets...sure we could have even more wins but all considering I think we're doing alright.

The issue is will we be able to pick it up a notch & win the next 4 games.

Well if the defense was stepping up they wouldn't be high scoring games would they? 16 - 0 - 0 would be a as good as it gets but I don't think I would say that about 9 - 6 - 1. I agree though that this team has to turn it on and win three straight games in a convincing way to have a real shot at winning the Grey Cup.

We have plenty of talent on defense, we play a high risk high reward system on defense. The defense has scored points and created turnovers, they’ve also been victimized as well.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that is the points given up by the Riders. I wonder how many of those points are a result of turnovers on offence?

I'm not so sure we always play that high risk high reward type style. Last game we missed tackles all over the field and the Lions last drive of the first half was one of the worst displays of D I have ever seen. They took prevent to another level. We just haven't been making the plays. That just is not about the turnovers. Missed opportunities to knock down routine jump balls and make the routine tackles. Championship teams need to be doing these things well and consistently. We have a couple games left to fine tune the "basics" and if we do that I think we will be fine. Focus and effort along with preparing hard will go a long way for these guys.

Definitely a good point. Not only points directly off of turnovers but also the fact that we can't move the ball for extended periods of time really has to take a toll on the D.

Here's a few thoughts I've had in recent weeks that I would like to get your response(s) on. I'm a Sean Lucas fan and although he makes a lot of tackles game in and game out it seems to be always after the pass is caught. I don't think Sean matches up well in pass coverage with the league's elite receivers. He just doesn't seem to get a lot of knockdowns over the middle and in the flat. Alexander and Frazier seem to be a couple of guys that opposing quarterbacks don't want to mess with. Quarterbacks don't seem to have the same fear of Morgan and Davis as they seem to get picked on a lot. I realize that Morgan and Davis are playing the boundary side which is where most quarterbacks prefer to throw to. Renauld Williams is heck of a player but opposing teams seem to have a lot more difficulty running against us when Mike McCullough is in there. If Chunky and Shologan could get a better rush it might disrupt the timming of those short/intermediary passes over the middle. I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts.

I'm not a huge fan of Lucas because of the fact that teams go after him a lot and yes he makes the tackles but they are always from behind. He is always in a trail position and against the run, he rarely stands a guy up 1 on 1. He makes up the lack of power with his speed but I don't know what it is, I'm just not sold on his overall ability at the linebacker spot. It is the same probelm I had with Kornegay, I hate hate hate him at db and when I heard he was getting moved to linebacker this year I nearly fainted. However I have enjoyed him at linebacker this year, he put on a few pounds and didn't lose much speed and unlike lucas he has power. He has missed his fair share of tackles and still likes to throw the shoulder looking for the big hit instead of wrapping up but he has done a decent job. When he gets bumped back to db at any point during the game he looks awful. He gets exposed and burnt. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh on these guys especially in coverage. I think there is a lot more emphasis on linebackers having to cover the inside guys and as you mentioned Ron, the elite recievers.

As for Mike McCullough, I think he is one of those players that if he was American, he wouldn't be here. From going to practices I can tell you I think he is one of the smartest players on the team, if not the smartest. He is like a coach, he knows so much and I think he will be a great coach after his career as a player. As for his playing ability, it seems like he knows where he should be and where the play is going but he is always a step or 2 behind. I don't think he is starter material but I would assume I am in the minority when it comes to my opinion on MM.

Shologan will continue to improve game after game. As for Chunky, such a nice guy and a tremeandous person and I'll leave it at that.

another thought here...Morgan and Davis play the boundary side as was mentioned, another thing to ponder is those two DB's are usually covering the oposing teams elite players. IE Paris Jackson, Geroy Simon, Jermaine Copeland just to name a few. i personally can't stand most of those "star" receivers as their ego's are way to big, but they do have speed and talent and can make even the best DB's miss. just a thought though

Just a bit off topic but since we're talking points, etc...can someone tell me why Sask is positioned on the top when calgary has a better Div record and less points against. Does it go solely on the points for to postion the team in the standings? Thanks in advance!

The record between two tied teams has priority when looking at the tiebreakers. Sask has a win over Cal this year. Cal does not have a win against Sk.

Kornegay is playing terrible at db, they are attacking him and Lucas on key 2nd downs and they are running right down MM's throat. Not like our O is doing a lot to help the D out but this is a pathetic...95 points against in the last 2 1/2 games.

Durant is not having a good game but once again we run the shotgun draw and Lapolice has done nothing to adjust the so called gameplan. There should not be this much miscommunication at this point in the season. Lazy week with a bad effort all around including coaches. Lack of focus and once again we fail to take the bull by the horns..

Hopefully Jyles starts the second half just to give DD a chance to watch for a couple of series. It worked in Calgary. We are not out of this, not by a long shot but we need to at least make it look like we are trying to adjust. Hopefully the recievers decide to catch the ball in the second half too..


Durant sucks today... oh boy, we're going to get an earful from Terminator today!! :lol:

Its a bit of both, ball control / movement, clock management;

2, outs are important so is every inch. We play a bend but dont break, but like all D’s ours gets beat to.

Offence needs to Run the ball better… or use the play action more effectively, i wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of wildcat if engineered properly… Keep our mitts on the ball.

Defence needs to stop the Run better, and a few more turnovers wouldn’t hurt =)

Yes, I agree slightly.