Defence Ignored

The play by play men and colour analysts in CFL broadcasts largely ignore th defensive side of the ball. And it's starting to get very frustrating.

I wish I had the time to review the game tapes from last night, and tell you how often the player making the tackle was ignored; not even mentioned. But I can tell you it was a SIGNIFICANT amount. It appears as though Rod Black, Duane Forde decided the defense wasn't important enough for mention. This is a major ommission and really detracts from the telecast. The consistently break down the offence, but RARELY make reference to defensive alignments or schemes.

I don't want to hear about how the CFL is focused on offence, and wants to market its offensive stars. That's garbage. You can do that all you want, but by ignoring the defence the league/TSN is doing a great disservice. Do you think you could go an entire series in the NFL without mention of the defence? No way! But that happened many times last night, and I'm sick of it.

One would think Glen Suitor, as a former DB, would pay more attention to the defensive side of the ball, but it is largely ignored unless there is a sack, tackle for loss, INT, or knock down. This is unacceptable. Now, I did not watch the late game last night, but the late crew last night(aka the #1 crew, has been horrible about this for years). It should not be difficult to simply say, "Moreno in on the tackle." Just let us know who's involved in the play. It's your job.

Give us the details about both sides of the ball; it shouldn't be too much to ask.

Any real football fan should find such an obvious oversight of the defence unacceptable.

Rant over.

I assume silence means you all agree.

I think the soup du jour is the rulebook. I'm sure the powers that be read your rant.

Not ignored defense means it's doing its job...and I recall seeing a few defensive plays that were broken down last night, both positive and negative...

You say 'a few'. I'm pretty sure there are more than a few plays in a game.

Would your opinion be different if there were only 'a few' offensive plays broken down?

Would your opinion be different if a receiver makes a catch and the play by play guy focuses only on the tackle, and do not mention who made the catch?

The point is a quality broadcast captures the the flow and spirit of the GAME. The game is offense versus defence. Not offence versus nothing.

I don't even expect them to give the defence equal time. Just make mention of the defence. This shouldn't even have to be asked for.

I have no problem with the way the games are broadcast at this point. Not focusing on the defense 50% of the time doesn't impact me one bit, and I get the "flow and spirit" of the game just fine...

I agree with you reggie. As a former Defensive player, I enjoy the defence a lot, and like to see how different people break things down in their analysis, but you are right you rarely get that much info about it in live telecasts.

jm02 you either aren't reading my posts, or simply not understanding them.

I didn't say they have to focus on the defence. Far from it. I explicitly said I don't expect them to focus on defence. Where are you finding this arbitrary %50 figure you cited?

Watch the game tonight, and just listen to how often they ignore who makes the tackle. Just watch. Not always, but still an annoying amount.

It should impact you. If they talk about the offence, why not the defence?

Is the offence somehow more important? Does the offence somehow spend more time on the field? Does the offence not directly play against the defence? Are there more players on offence?

I coach football. I tell the kids to watch football games on TV as a coach, not a fan. Now, I don't expect everybody to do this, but the kids can learn ALOT by doing this... but if the defence is ignored the kids on defence are missing an opportunity to grow and learn as a defensive football player. This isn't the reason for my objection, but it's certainly a secondary consequence.

We hear all the time from the broadcasters about recievers hitting the seams, pulling guards, receivers and running backs cracking and blocking down. Is it too much to ask to hear about the defence bringing in a dime-back (6th DB), a blitz, or d-line stunts? Again, it doesn't have to be all the time.. but there are two sides to a football game.

I think it shows disrepect to the fans to largely ignore half the game.

My apologies...I went back and re-read just now, and realized I had read, "I expect them to give..." where you wrote, "I don't even expect them to give the defence equal time."

At any rate, my perception doesn't much change. The show the tackles, they comment on the tackles, they track defensive plays...perhaps they don't do it as much as you would like, but I personally have zero problem with it.

quoted for truth. Especially about learning a lot about the game by watching it and it being explained. I love it when they go deeper into the schemes then "they are using a 4-3 defence here."