Defence gelling into a typical Steeltown D..theyre back

The Defence has been the best story of the team this year theyve improved constantly despite the thumpings weve got in sum games, but 90% the time we had major injury woes and were on the field way to long with brutal field position to they said during the commentary on the game Teams r now thinking twice to go up the middle cuz they know a ticat player will b there right away for th ebig hit, the defence is gelling nicely with many young players, i am happy with our secondary for the 1st time in a long time with Mr Gordon cody young and justin, dont liek shaw but 1 player u can change, i love Mr wayne up the middle juz i think or LB corps can use a bit of tweaking otherwise i think next year i see the signs of a Dominant head-bashing steeltown Defence back here, wuts ur thots? Oskee Wee Wee



I think our D has really come into its own lately because some guys who were not pulling their weight (Belli, Devonte Peterson; Bobby Brooks due to injury) are no longer playing and some other guys (Dunbrack, Clinton Wayne, Barrenchea) are finally being given some playing time to prove themselves, which they have.

Wayne is much better than Belli, in my opinion. Desjardins really hosed Montreal in that deal.

You mean KATS hosed Montreal.

plus hes canadian, good move

I believe Marcel Desjardin traded Adriano Belli
for Clinton Wayne and Phillip Gauthier not Rob Katz.

A Canadian, Adriano Belli, for two Canadians, really.