Defence for 2009

Hi folks - I'm out here in the hinterland and can't find any good opinions on our defence for 2009. I know it's early but with departures in the LB core I have big worries that for us to win games this year, we will need 35-40 points out of our offence.
Can you give a fan's early perspective on how this defence will stack up in 09? I have real concerns.

Not a well as last year as we will need time to gel as a unit. And as my counterpart Arius points out, we won't be playing the same defence, nor do we have the same personnell so that make's your question really tough to predict. Here is what I do know.

Ray Williams looked really good at LB when he replaced A. McKenzie last season for a few games. And Sean Lucas is in a similar position that Anton was in a couple years ago; Just waiting to get his opportunity to make a name for himself league-wide.

I know we will be improved on the D-Line because it can't get much worse than last year and with a heathy J. Chick coming to camp, I think this might be his breakout year.

The DB's are athletic, young, and untested. But with the crew they practice against being top 3 in the league, and the addition of Cavis Reed from Toronto(a man capable of developing ball-hawks) they should come along just fine by mid-season at the latest.

I think we'll be in the middle of the pack in yards allowed, sacks, knock-downs, etc.

Not to poo-poo too much on AmScribe, as I agree with his assessment that the D is a bit of an unknown this year (at lesat in scheme). But I can't let his assessment of the DB's stand as fact.

We are neither young nor untested in that area. Eddie Davis a 14 (or whatever-teen) year vet. Omarr is 33 and has 10 years in the league. Lance Frazier is 29, and James Patrick is 27. The only youth might come from whoever plays the field side corner, and at this point, that's an open question.

Early reports out of training camp show Donovan Alexander a front ronner for the corner, with Tad Kornegay moving up to LB.

Kornegay makes sense going there a la Jackie Mitchell way back when.

off topic, but remember when Jackie Mitchell just destroyed Dave Dickenson?

That was one of the most awesome hit i have EVER seen! I just kept playing it over and over and over and over again after that game. The hit i've seen that was harder than that was when The Reaper knocked out Clermont helmet and all!
Jackie Mitchell Dismatles Dave Dickenson!
Jason Clermont takes a haymaking right from Reggie Hunt!
Sorry bout that Jason welcome back to the SSK! lol

So crazy. I was thinking more of the one where dude got a concussion though. Wasnt that Jackie Mitchell too?

Are talking about when he got knee'd in the head? Or the hit under the chin, which was Fred Perry?
Thats the chin one, it's at 0:41
It's hard to tell he's been concussed SO MANY times! lol

Scribe, I think Nelson Martin is the DB coach and Kavis Reed is Special Teams Co-ordinator as well as Running Backs coach. Lets hope Martin can produce some ball hawks!

Yip. Kavis is on the offensive side this year.

I know that very well as I have been at camp most days, including today. Coach Reed's extensive knowledge of his former position, has and will be something he passes along to the younger hawks. Just because he's been assigned to RB's and is the ST co-ordinator doesn't mean he isn't a knowledgeable and approachable asset to this defence.

The one where he got up and like took a few steps and fell over.

Oh ya, thats the one where i think there was a fumble or interception or something and DD went to block him or something and got knee'd in the back of the head and got concussed. That was a good one,

Riders are starting the season with a 30 defense.