How many interceptions do the DB's have this season (none)? They have been picked apart every game, regardless of who's back there, either veterans or rookies. If we can't make the playoffs, we ought to play our rookies & bring in other rookies & let them get the experience for next year. Some of the older guys are definately slowing down & are not as effective anymore. They have allowed too many easy pass receptions by getting beaten & out of position. If this is a rebuilding season, let's sacrifice with new blood now.

It's Maas' fault. Apparently our team gives up because of him. :roll:

If that's their attitude, they all should be fired & replaced by people that want to play pro football. I'm sure you made your statement out of frustration, however, in some cases, you may have a point.

Actually, I believe CK made his statement in frustration with a VERY vocal minority of posters on this board...

Karikari is an All-Star safety. He stays.

Well seeing how it was Tay Cody’s first game back and KariKari’s first game at safety with Cody and Glasper at half-back, I would say changes are the worst thing the team could do. Defensive backfields need time to learn each others habits and tendencies. Look at the ____'s, for years they had essentially the same secondary which was the backbone of their defense. Continuity and confidence are the key to success. I am sure Adrion Smith, Orlondo Steinauer, and Clifford Ivory would all say the same thing. Oh, and a consistent pass rush doesn’t hurt either!

I think the Ticat’s have some decent players who just need time with each and in the system so they can start making plays on instinct and confidence instead of worrying if someone has deep coverage behind them.

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I'm with paullywood. This secondary is good, it was just one bad game.

Only player i'd really like to have back is Bradley.

I agree with that. I think with Anderson and Gordon on the corners, KK at safety, and Cody at HB you have the makings of a dominant secondary. I think Bradley should replace Glasper at the other HB spot, I am not convinced that Glasper has the speed to play there (recall Stegall blowing by him last night).

I disagree with the above assessment regarding the secondary's performance this season. These guys are playing pro football, NOT high school or college football. After completing their successful college careers, 3 weeks of training camp, 2 exhibition games,5 regular season games & several returning veterans, they certainly should, at this stage of the season, be capable of making some key plays, communicating & executing plays via their instincts. I also feel that needing more time to learn to work together, communicate & execxute, is stretching it a little. I believe most of the weaknesses & mistakes experienced so far, are largely due to the total lack of the "BASIC FUNDAMENTALS", self-discipline, concentration & periodic mental lapses.

I doesn't help that the defensive schemes are developed by a DC who doesn't understand the game

Two rookie DB's, an new Safety, three new D-linemen, a new MLB, and a new Defensive Coordinator make things just a LITTLE difficult to come together. Sure, we have three veteran DB's, but only two of them actually played together for any appreciable amount of time; and don't forget, our third veteran recently moved from HB (where he has been playing since training camp) to S (his All-Star position).

The defensive scheme is new, and it takes a while for the players to start working as a complete unit, as opposed to a bunch of players. Sure, they should "instinctively" know how to make plays, but they cannot be expected to "instinctively" know where each and every other defensive player is at all times.

The things that need the most improvement are the pass rush and the "prevent". IMHO, at 2nd and 15+, we should put as much pressure on the QB as possible - FORCE him to make a play, not ALLOW him to make one.

Right now, we are not very good at disguising our formations. That is something that the coaches and players have to work on to evolve a truely scary defence.

I agree with Glasper not having the speed for a DB. I like him better at linebacker. Delgardo or Bradley would be better in coverage back there.

Actually my statement was sarcastic.

I like our DBs fine.

I think our pass rush let them down.

I thought Lawrence Gordon had a heck of a game.

I saw the "rolling eyes" emoticon - apparently others didn't. I was just attempting to explain in words of one syllable or less that Karikari is one of the best Safety's on the league.

For sure. Karikari is there. Unlike Shaw he has a presence and an effect on the play.

However, if Karikari's going to blitz, then blitz dammit!
There was one play where fortunately Glenn overthrew Brazzell, who was open because the middle of the field was empty.
Karikari was "blitzing", but on the reply you could see him just kinda standing there in no-man's-land behind the d-line, basically taking himself out of the play.

If you're going to sacrifice the deep coverage, you've got to benefit elsewhere.

Does anyone know what happened to DB Rodney Heath I remember a couple of years ago he left on family matters and then never came back.. but does anyone have any further info on that?