Defence Backs

I thought that the Als defensive backe were great vs the BC Lions. Estelle, Cox, Drew and Boulay are coordinating well with each other and played the strongest defensive backfield game since Vic Washington and Barron Miles were with the team.

I like the secondary. Only problem I have with Cox is that, like Ferri, he's a bit over-exuberant and that gets him into trouble from time to time with penalties.

What I fail to understand is why each team we play seems bound and determined to go after Estelle; it happened again with BC, they were throwing against him all game, and he generally acquitted himself well. But over on the other corner we have a raw rookie (Jesse Hendrix) filling in for Davis Sanchez, and the opposing teams seem never to go after him. Don't understand that........

Estelle had a terrible first half against B.C. Jackson was taking him to the woodshed every other play and we were quite lucky to go into halftime with the score so close.

BTW, MadJack, Coby Rhinehart was playing a lot at the strong-side corner position, which may help to explain why the ball didn't come his way. Also, right-handed QBs aren't inclined to try the strong-side WR very often because it's the longest, toughest throw for them to make across the field.

I'd like to try Diamond Ferri in the secondary. He's essentially a converted DB playing linebacker and he's aggressive, so why not rotate him in at strong-side corner until Sanchez is ready?

Cox is a talented player but has a tendency to get beaten at inopportune times. Besides the penalty he took, he was clearly beaten on one of Jackson's attempted TD passes and only got away with it because Boulay came over top and put a wicked hit on the BC receiver.

I know Rinehart's been platooning with Hendrix, but still, when Hendrix is in there, I wonder why teams aren't testing him.

LOVED that hit by Boulay covering up for Cox!

Hendrix must be playing well if we're not hearing his number called. His coverage must be pretty consistently good or teams would try to burn him once in a while.

That is the logical conclusion, isn't it?

Good points MJ. Teams do seem to sometimes attack Estelle and other times Cox. I think they go after Estelle because he is very aggressive in coverage. Some games they will throw a lot of short passes his way and complete them. After a few tosses, they know that Estelle is letting the QB and receiver play "pitch and catch" for short yardage. What happens is that Estelle then starts moving in closer to take away the short pass. Then, the other team tries to stretch the field against him because he has less of a cushion.

Its funny, because I saw the Als train at the Université de MTL last June, and 2 consecutive plays the QB completed a short 6 yard pass on Estelle's side. Estelle made the tackle after the completion, but he was giving the receiver a lot of room. He then got an earful from Chris Jones who said several times "pitch and catch" to Estelle (telling him to play closer).

Maybe he needs to adjust a little to not give the short pass, and cover better for the long pass.

As for Cox, I think they throw to his side because they figure they will get a flag.

Hey Mad Jack, as posted:
(I like the secondary. Only problem I have with Cox is that, like Ferri, he's a bit over-exuberant and that gets him into trouble from time to time with penalties.)

This is what you should want in your secondary, over-exuberant?? You damm right, that's how you win!!!