Defence Backs

CB Gauthier, Phillip N
CB Kornegay, Tad I
S Cody, Tay I
CB Gordon, LawrenceI
DH Young, Sam I
DH Parker, Arnold I

I still think Shaw is a decent S. He is so good on blitzing

thanks mikey

Cody stays at HB; putting him at safety would be a mis-use of his talent.

S- Gauthier
CB- Gordon
CB- Bradley
HB- Cody
HB- Parker

Backup DB's: Crawford (picked up by Hamilton in the draft) Bradley, Timothee and Kornegay.

I predict Shaw, Beveridge and Young will be chopped this year. You heard it here first.

Gauthier will not go from a special teamer to starting corner.

Gauthier has good size and speed, as well as desire (which he showed in abundance on special teams last year). Plus, Desjardins is obviously a fan of his potential, having traded for Gauthier in the Belli deal. All of these signs point to Gauthier being given every oportunity to start at safety for Hamilton this year. Shaw, who is probably making substantially more $ than Gauthier, will be under great pressure to perform well at camp. If not, the Cats will go with he cheaper, younger player.

The Reason I like Cody at Safety Spot.
Simple He will lay someone out there.
The Hit Master would great fit there.

He Reminds of Young Hitch..
Shaw dose not Scare Anyone at Safety
Cody Would..
They Think Twice about going down middle with passes .

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree here.

Cody has been nothing short of spectacular at DHB so I would be very reluctant to make him switch to safety. I am not a fan of trying force square pegs into round holes. If it ain't broke don't fix it....Cody should be a lock at HB.

While Cody is an excellent HB, there is no guarantee that he would be as effective at safety. Two examples:

Jermaine Chatman arrived in Calgary a few seasons ago...he was a great corner, but for some reason the Stamps later moved him inside to HB, and he has not, in my opinion, been anywhere near as effective.

Reggie Durden; when with the Als he was their best shutdown cover guy at HB; he moves to Edmonton, they for some unknown reason put him out on the corner and he was not very successful.

So I don't like putting square pegs in round holes. All positions in the secondary are not alike; just because you are a great corner does not mean that you would succeed at HB; being a great HB does not necessarily a great safety make.

So, given how absolutely excellent Cody has been at HB, I'd be very reluctant to fool around trying to convert him into a safety.

If it works, great, I'll eat my words, but from my perspective I'd rather groom Gauthier at safety and leave Cody where he is already excelling.