Deer captured near the stadium

Runaway deer captured in east Hamilton

[i]An east end neighbourhood had an unusual visitor Tuesday afternoon – a deer on the loose.

Staff Sergeant Phil Fleming said around 3:30 p.m. police did receive a call about a deer in the area of Melrose, King and Lottridge streets. The area is near Barton and Gage streets.

One neighbour on Melrose said a deer had been on the loose but as of 3:50 p.m. it had been captured.[/i]

I swear, I had nothing to do with this :lol:

Sorry, don't believe you deer, that you had nothing to do with this. :smiley:

lol ! :lol:

Hey mate, message me in private if you and a few others want to hook up and attend training camp for a few hours one day. I have a pretty hectic schedule these days but I'm sure I could squirm free for a bit. I met up with Onknight and Ronfromtigertown for an afternoon at camp last year and had a good time catching up on stuff.

The team looks intriguing this year and I'm glad to see Ozzy on board. Besides kicking instruction, there no better guy to have as a leader for the young guys to look up to and admire. Maybe "Cooler" and "Hitch" should be next on our wish list ?.....if only !



It's a sign, if we get and NASL team, it must have a deer as part of the shield.