Dee Webb

Not to rain on the parade and spoil all the happiness around here, BUT..

I can't see us winning the GC with Dee Webb playing the corner. He gets beat wayyyyyy too often and nearly lost us the game many times on Sunday (Chiles in the End Zone, the ball that the receiver lost in the lights, Spencer Watt TD in the 2nd, his facemasking penalty). If Delvin Breaux is not good to go, why not shift Rico Murray to the corner, and have Issac play full time? I am really not confident with Dee Webb in the lineup unfortunately.

I think he's more suited to Half-back rather than corner. He's too experienced to take out of the lineup completely.

The Chiles pass he broke up. Yes, he got beat initially, but he then made the play.

The Watt TD in the second quarter was Murray's fault, not Webb's. Murray should have taken Watt, not Webb.

Webb has been surpassed by others and only played because Breaux couldn't. Breaux has turned into a lockdown corner and I would rather have him on the field, though I suspect it'll be Webb on Sunday.

Webb is much better suited to play inside,not out on the corner,I was kind of surprised that they had him play there in the first place......I would have thought that they would have had Murray play one side,Davis the other,Isaac for Murray and have McCollough,Webb and Hobbs rotate inside with Stephen of course at safety.Hopefully Breaux will be ready by game time,the one problem I do have with him though is he seems to have a problem staying healthy and has been off and on I.L all season.

I also feel Webb has been burned more than any other DB this year and would hope that Breaux can play corner this week.
I am not sure why they would not have put Murray in that spot last week ? It might have been a matchup decision as they felt Webb could handle Watt and Murray would be better served at SAM ...Guarding Norwood out of the backfield on passing downs ?
They also likely wanted to keep Hobbs / Davis together as they are working together and getting some chemistry with so many games played alongside one another

Don't know what game you were watching?.... but Murray and Webb were the starting cornerbacks. They brought Davis in when they wanted an extra DB in certain situations.

Phew, at least we already have our scapegoat picked out if we lose. Way to think ahead!

Kent Austin and Steinauer will put their players in the best position to win. If they think Dee should start at corner, I have no reason to argue that decision.

Actually the media and Drew Edwards said that the Dee Webb play on Childs that broke up the TD pass from Ray was the turning point in the game.

I think many times Webb gets picked by fans as getting beat when it turns out to be another player's responsibility or a blown coverage, the guy is experienced and if Orlando feels Webb should be in the game, it's great by me as well, whatever it takes to win.

Wait, do you mean to say the coaches make more informative decisions than we do?

Through out the season it seems that a lot of the time we have a breakdown in the secondary Webb is involved.
You never really know who is at fault because you don't know the responsibilities on every play.
When you make wholesale changes in the pass coverage these things happen.
There were times in the second quarter the secondary looked like it did the first few weeks of the season.
They were totally confused and tentative. What I saw was a lot of players out of their normal positions making
bad plays. I believe the adjustments that were made involved putting players in more familiar positions and focusing on pressuring the QB. Those adjustments worked.
Webb is fine @ DB but is a question mark @ corner.
Murray IMHO is a horrible OLB but is an excellent corner . ( THat is why he played there the last 6 weeks )
Isaac is an excellent playmaker @ OLB and should play every play on defence.
Breaux may be able to go in the Grey Cup. If not the corners need to be Murray and Davis.
The DB's are Hobbs, McCullough and Webb.
Stephen is the middle safety.
JJ, Lawrence and Brandon Isaac are the LB's.
Norwood , Davis , Bulke & Boudreau are the D-line. ( with Hazime subbing in )
Don't make 4 changes because of one injury.
If a Db goes down replace that man and keep the rest in their positions.
If a linebacker goes down, put in Plesius or Bowman. ( Not Murray )
If a D-lineman goes down put your faith in Hazime and Gascon Nadon.

I don't have a problem with Webb in the lineup.. I misspoke. I stand firm in my belief that we lose with him at the corner, he simply doesn't have the speed. I don't have an issue with him on the inside, I think we're strong there if Webb plays there, because he has good help.

If he starts at corner and gets burned for 4 TDs, then I will eat crow and hail you as Nostradamus :lol: Just think it's a little ridiculous to say if ONE player is starting then the whole team is doomed. It's a team sport.

Of course it is, but thinking back to Sunday, 2 very close calls where he was beat (or nearly beat) and it's a TD

Yep. On both close plays (Chiles loss of the ball in the lights or whatever and the tip in the endzone) there was a one on one battle. Team sport, but everyone has a job and has to do it for the team to succeed.

Agreed. And I believe Kent Austin and his staff have demonstrated very well that they are capable of making the best decisions about the most effective roster combinations and player assignments for the team to succeed. If they think Dee Webb should play CB or DB or not at all, I trust their judgment. Same goes for the rest of their choices.

So then if Delvin Breaux is healthy, Webb comes out of the lineup? That is what Austin would do.

If the Ticats can shut down the best QB in the league they can easily shut down the 5th best QB in the league!!
Durant won't have the time to sit in the pocket and make the accurate throws.

The reason Durant is looking better this year is George Cortez. I agree with you, Mike, the more stellar test came against Ray. Durant is no Ricky Ray.

It will be tough stopping Sheets. That to me is more of a key than their quarterback.

If that's what he decides to do, then yes, I would support that decision. I trust his judgment and Orlondo Steinauer's to put the best roster of players on the field. I think the players trust them to do that too.

I agree with you old fan. The Ticats got pasted twice by Sask during the season (I know it was much earlier, the team has improved considerably since then.) But stopping premier RBs has been a challenge for us this season. Sheets, Cornish etc.