DEDMON (NOT) WALKING: Ottawa Redblacks' dynamic returner on crutches and out

DEDMON (NOT) WALKING: Ottawa Redblacks' dynamic returner on crutches and out .

Taryn Christion broke his fibula last game according to this article . doesn't say exactly what dedmon's injury is but likely a bad ankle sprain

Terrible to see that, just hope he's back for the playoffs

It's possible Dedmon could be considering he was off crutches on Wednesday but limping so likely a ankle sprain

playoffs?? this year?? :rofl:

No no no noback. Don't jump all over Ticatfan94 so quickly. He may HAVE something there (besides a hangover). Dedmon is the scariest returner in the CFL. He might wind up on another club before the trade deadline. Even though he's an Import he's gotta be worth something to some playoff bound team in this league. A nice juicy draft pick to start next season off on the right foot maybe? :smiley:

At least you got the sarcasm

yeah I got it :nerd_face:

but no way Ottawa trades Dedmon, he was part of the ONLY good things that happened this year.
Dedmon running back kicks and our kicking team of Ward and Leonne.
all three and the rest of special teams players and coaching get an A+ for 2021

the rest of the team gets an F :laughing:

oh and Marcel ................. dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out :slight_smile:

Dedmon re-signs for another year :slight_smile:


Got another TD on Saturday vs Argos. and in the process he breaks Gizmo Williams record by reaching 5 TD Kickoff returns in 15 games compared to 18 :wink:

Plus another 81 yarder that was called back because of penalty :upside_down_face:

He's been the one true bright spot on the team this season.

I'm still kicking myself for missing that the kickoff return TD as I was still waiting in line for a hotdog.

This guy is electric,
Every runback has you in anticipation!
Another Gizmo, Pinball, Speedy Banks!
The guy is electric,
He really needs a cool handle like those named above
They should have him at all season ticket off season functions

Just read this great article from 3dwn

“I love this organization. It took a chance on a guy from William & Mary. I got sent home, came back and it’s been a journey, but I love this city, man, and there’s no other place I’d rather be,” he said, holding back tears. “I knew I had to come back and do what I had to do, run it back from my teammates.”

Do you know who else was from William & Mary?

Pinball Clemons