Dedmon named Most Outstanding Special Teamer

HAMILTON — One of the CFL’s most dangerous weapons regardless of position, DeVonte Dedmon had REDBLACKS fans on their feet night after night with his electrifying returns in 2021. That led to him being named 2021’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player on Friday night.

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Uh uh way he should have won this over Peredes....either these voters are morons or its fixed for higher profile players.

They both had outstanding years. Kickers rarely make the highlight reels, though. Big returns do. That might've been the deciding factor.

So let me guess , the ONLY reason that Paredes should've won this award is because he plays for the Stampeders...correct ? If Paredes played for any other team , be honest , you wouldn't give a flying fig who won this award .

Wrong.....Paredes played great all year..the other guy had a couple big what

You're such a homer, if Parades wasn't a Stamp you'd be saying "Rene who?". Dedmon was the clear winner to anyone with objectivity.

Oh please... dude make like 3 plays this year...past that he is a pedestrian player. Not impressive at all.

Yup , correct . A couple of big plays a game , playing on a bad team . So let me ask you a question . If Paredes played for Winnipeg , B.C. , Saskatchewan or Winnipeg would you honestly be so upset about him losing this award ?

Doesn't matter.....The fact is Parades was instrumental in every game....Deadmon was not.....he also couldn't have done it without his blockers and stc.....

Good for Ottawa. There's no way they need to improve on their kick return game next year with Dedmon on the roster. :smiley:

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The post before this you had him at a couple of big plays, now you’re up to three. There were more. And it doesn’t matter what he did at his regular position or whether it was pedestrian. This is a special teams award. He had by far the most impact of any player on special teams. He set an all time record for TD returns to start a career, beating out Gizmo, among other great returners. In my opinion this was the most one sided race of the night, and I’m a Bomber fan. A little objectivity would look good on ya.

Well he certainly was instrumental in your team losing the WSF .
So I guess you are correct on that .

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....theWSF game played no factor in the voting........ and certainly you would agree Parades was more instrumental in getting Calgary to the WSF than Deadmon did getting his team to post season??? No?

Lol I'm not here for a conversation over semantics .....

Well being a Cats fan and talking awards , you know who else was instrumental in every game ? Simoni Lawrence and Brandon Revenberg . They both by the way also lost the awards they were up for ( Def Player / O-Line ) but unlike you I'm not on here ranting and raving that they were both robbed and jobbed out of their prospective awards .

I thought Simoni might of had a chance at his but Bighill was a more than worthy winner .

Revenberg who is probably one of the best if not the best LG in the business also lost to a worthy opponent in Bryant . I honestly never gave it a second thought when I found out that Bryant won . They should just rename the award after the guy , he's that good .

Your sour grapes and bias for your Stamps is getting just a tad ridiculous there my friend .

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Ridiculous comparison...first off Ravenberg is a guard, Bryant is a tackle....a much more skilled position.... Lawrence is good but hard to put him over Bighill... and he is dirty too!

mrstallion: I can understand your enthusiasm for Paredes. He is amazingly consistent and worthy of being in the discussion for the CFL Most Outstanding Special Teams player in 2021. You may not appreciate what DeVonte Dedmon achieved in Ottawa this season. He had a league leading 737 punt yards returned (next highest player was 454). He had a league leading 1223 kick-off yards returned (next highest player was 613). He also had another 171 yards rushing & receiving. He also returned 4 missed FGs for 103 yards. His grand total was a league-shattering 2234 all-purpose yards. He also led the league with 3 punt/kick returns for TDs. Nobody had 2. Further, Dedmon is a class guy and a real team player. Very humble and very deserving of his nomination and winning of the award.


Actually Lawrence had better stats than Bighill this season . Albeit they were close and mostly neck and neck in most categories . As for Simoni being dirty ?
That pick six he got on Bo Levi was as pretty a play as you could see this season . You do remember that , don't you ?

Here it is again just to refresh your memory...

As for Revenberg being a guard , I didn't realize that the award was for best tackle only and to think that all this time I thought it was an award for the best O-Lineman regardless of position .

And Paredes would have been just fine without blockers?

Dedmon had 160% of second place's total for punt return yards and was 3 yards away from doubling second place in kick return yards. That's dominance. He was one of the only bright spots on a terrible Ottawa team and was undoubtedly their best player. He deserved this award.

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a couple comments here......... not sure how a pick 6 against Bo Levi (the winningest QB is CFL history) is confirmation he isnt't dirty- could you please explain?

Since you like to bring up my Stamps so much- If the Ti-Cats win Sunday it will be in large part to 3 formers Don Jackson, Tunde Adeleke, J'Gared Davis. - you're welcome

Sunday may very well be the last opportunity for Ti-Cats , between all the players they will no doubt lose and this being Orlando Steinhuaer's last game, a loss will be devastating