Decoud, Carter, Washington among Elks cuts

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks announced the release of six players on Thursday. Among the cuts were veterans Duron Carter, Treston Decoud and Tony Washington .

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I’ll be honest, I am very surprised Carter Lasted the year. Good job Duron!:+1:t2:

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Remember Carter signed for league minimum of 65,000 last year , probably the only reason he lasted

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Still, with all the turnover on the Elks roster this past year, it’s impressive in a way.

I’m surprised Carter gave up a HC gig to be in EDM.
Part of me thinks Jones enjoys messing with him.


Thank f$%^ Carter is gone - what took so long?
Decoud - walking penalty flag at times. Probably not enough progress over the season.

Lucier-South, never heard or saw his name except on depth charts.
Richards - see Lucier-South.

Brady Sheldon - a victim of too much other talent at LB. With Apolon and Mackonzo healthy, Konar's outstanding play and more LB's signed it gives him a chance to go elsewhere.

Washington - too bad. Missed too much time injured, and that stuff doesn't get better with age.

IMO, Squishy, some of the "veterans" were brought in year 1 to help with the Jones system. (Not sure where Carter fits in there😀, though Jones seems to like the guy). None of these surprised me. I expect Henry, Dubuisson, maybe Lacey may also be gone as a lot of young guys have a year under their belt. Your comments are bang on. Washington may have stayed another year but IMO Jones sees enough in Ivey who is much younger & has an edge to him.

I'm looking forward to seeing who the other teams release prior to free agency.

Carter was a liability all year. Yes, you need the veterans, but him - no. First game he played Safety - total and utter disaster, especially with Hutter - who I thought needed better recognition for an outstanding season - playing very well.
Apart from that - his season was a series of mixed up coverages, playing way to far off guys, and in general rookie mistakes and poor play.