What do i do i really want to watch the game tonite but have 2 row centre stage for stompin tom at 8 pm should i stay home andwatch or go to the great canadian concert your thoughts plz

8) Why don't you just tape the game, and watch it when you get home from the concert !!!

are u kidding i wont be able to see by that time lol

TSN2 and a pot of coffee. TSN2 is about a 3 delay from TSN, the game would start again around 10pm, one of the best things that TSN has done in the last 10 years.

I usually just watch the TSN video on demand off their website the next morning if I don't get to see a game.

Go see Stomping Tom He a Canadian Icon and he won't be around much Longer.
I have see him 5 times worth it every time

There Video on Demand and TSN II and PVR to catch the Game later

Go see Stompin Tom and then watch the game on VOD.

thanks all i went to the concert what a sgreat show and time i even gave him a ticat football head as his new cowboy hat and a ticat shirt he accepted them with a genuine thank you too bad the cats lost the game but tom was excellent

That's not very nice to say.

I did... but some idiot tells me the result (AFTER I SAID.. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW)

Is this a thread about roster decisions or Stompin' Tom???

Glenn in/Porter out
Ball in/ James Out
Bradley In/ Gordon out
Cobb in/Caulley Out
Grant in/ Baumann out