Decision on New Ticat Head Coach By Next Week

Ken Welch of CHtv reported that the new Ticat head coach will probably be selected and announced some time next week. Apparently, additional interviews may occur between now and then. He said that Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins did not say how many names are on his short list.

I'm sure Ticat fans want the entire coaching staff on board by February, when free agency starts. The choices for the assistant coaching positions will be particularly interesting. After all, these decision-makers will answer the following important questions:

OC- will we actually score touchdowns, stretch the field with the deep ball, and use Holmes and Lumsden properly?

DC- will we return to a Steeltown D that actually gets sacks?

ST- will we actually cover kicks well and scare other teams with our returners?

They have no choice but to work with that timeframe: if the decision is not made next week, there will be little opportunity to make any HC announcement till mid-January, given holiday down-times.