Deciding play

Watching this play, Rey bit on a dump pass to whitaker leaving a huge gap for AC.

And if he hadn't bit on the dump pass, would we now be asking how Williams could have allowed Whitaker of all people to get so wide open, giving them a forty yard gain? After all, we'd be saying, the o-line had Calvillo contained (which is what it would have looked like had he thrown instead of running).

I hear ya but on this particular play he cheated a bit too much.

Cortez's "spotter" must have been watching the game from very deep in the Carling Zone...everybody on the planet except him saw that Cortez should have thrown the challenge flag.

Mistakes like this really make fans mad. We can take being beaten by a good team on their home field in a good close game, but to lose like this, when an ill-informed coaching decision could have salvaged a win, really sticks in the craw.

All of you posters make good points. In summation, our defense

stinks and our coaches are questionable.

To take this a step further, our GM is also questionable.

The writing is on the wall once again for the 2012 season.

We'll be lucky to see a team with the ineptness displayed by

so many associated in making this season successful go beyond

another .500 season. yawn! The media had this team

winning a grey cup. Right!!!