Deciding play

The non call on offensive pass interference ( you know, the one Chris Cuthbert called live, during the play) and then the subsequent phantom face mask call all on the same play!.

TD...Montreal takes the lead and control.

That's for nuthin' refs.

Brutal, brutal, brutal



Agree these refs called a bad game. Sadly though we still could have won if only the defense put out the effort in the last minutes of the game.

Sadly, the game came down to the last drive and it was our defense on the field to try and stop the Montreal O.

No matter what plays that decided earlier scoring plays, at the end of the day, we were winning with 82 seconds left and had Montreal at their 35. In 1 minture, they march to our 30. 45 yards they gained including an AC 20 yard run. Let me repeat that AC 20 YARD RUN.

All true, but it's one of those TSN turning points that might not have put the game in that situation. But alas, we'll never know.

The sack that Dile gave up on Hamilton's last drive was also a death knell.

I do 100% agree with you but at the end of day, we were leading with 82 seconds left. Throw out what happened before, we were leading.

Our offense, defense and special teams put us in a position to win the game.

Again, not disagreeing, but imagine Dile makes his block, Burris completes a pass for first down, there’s 60 seconds more off the clock, in FG range.

The ‘what if’ aspect of sports is great, ain’t it?


That sack definitely hurt but it did keep the clock running and forced Montreal into calling their timeout IIRC.

I am just very frustrated watching this team because no matter what the offense and special teams do, it hasn’t been enough 5 times this season.

and…maybe…they get a TD and not a FG…game over…

OR…defense doesn’t let a 40 year old run 17 yds…and then pitch and catch…and kick an easy fg…

and the coach throws his otherwise useless challenge flag and a 40 yd catch is negated…

or the refs get it right…

or…this is the crazy one…we get an INT or fumble recovery…and set up the offense for a free 3 or 7 pt’er…imagine a gimme? Our Offense never gets one…


Ugh, is that previous post depressing. It`s just so right on.

burp :oops:

So we go up by 6 points with a minute or so left. Are you saying there is even the slightest possibility that our defence keeps Montreal out of the end zone on their last drive? They could complete plays at will most of the second half. Pretty much any play they wanted.

The ref made it up.
He never saw the infraction.
It is one thing to miss a call, but this suggests much more to me.

You’re going to have a real bad headache in the morning. Don’t switch drinks :rockin:

This from the Sun this morning, I think it sums it up:

"Inexcusable is the operative word in describing why middle linebacker Rey Williams would be asked to drop deep into coverage, leaving the middle of the field exposed, which Calvillo would pounced on to set up the winning margin.

And no one knows how a challenge flag was not thrown on a ball S.J. Green did not catch, yet again revealing how poorly CFL games are being officiated."

[url=] ... d-straight[/url]

What is it with these young whipper snapper defensive coaches who like to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas on how to mess up? You are right, having Rey Williams in deep one on one coverage right down the middle was absolutely stupid, in one sense we were lucky AC mis-fired, but in another sense, had AC connected for the TD, it would even more graphically exposed Creehan's bizaree defensive schemes for what they are.

Reminds me of or previous DC, Chamblin, who had Hickman our defensive end, covering Jamal Richardson 30 yards down field in the Easter Semi last year. For those that forgot, Richardson scored easily.

Are you talking about when he was chasing Whitaker downfield? If so, who else should have been covering him?

I thought the deciding play could have been Cortez not throwing the challenge flag on Green's so called catch on Montreal's last drive. That brought them into FG range. The ball sure looked like it was trapped or contacted the ground to me.

It definitely bounced off the turf. But the decision not to throw the challenge flag was based on thinking it was a catch, and knowing that if the challenge failed, it would cost the team its time out, which Cortez thought he might need in the final few seconds of a close game. Cortez thought it was a catch, and his spotters didn’t tell him otherwise. Even the (blind?) official ten feet from the play thought it was a catch. (I suspect that this is what’s called a reputation catch - Green has made a lot of amazing catches, so this one was probably a catch too, right?)

The fact that Cortez didn’t end up using his timeout on Montreal’s final drive to maybe give us time for a final drive of our own…

To me, the decisive play was Calvillo running for 17 yards on a 2nd and 10 late in the fourth quarter. A stop on that play and I think the Cats win. Also, I will have to re-watch the game but I am sure there was some blatant holding on that play by the Als centre or guard. That play kept a critical drive alive and then... well you know.

Avery weak D-line that's putting zero pressure on the opposing QB'S is making a very good Linebacking core having to do the things that are making them look average at best.
And of course we all know that with a good quarterback and speedy recievers our corners and D-halfs haven't got a chance.