December projection

Toronto first/Montreal second.
Winnipeg first/Regina second/Calgary third/B.C. fourth

B.C. over Montreal
Calgary over Regina

B.C. over Toronto
Winnipeg over Calgary

Grey Cup:
B.C. vs. Winnipeg.

Peter Boyle Ottawa.


Hamilton over Montreal
Calgary over Regina

Hamilton over Toronto
Winnipeg over Calgary

Grey Cup:
Hamilton vs Winnipeg

if this happens I will call you the prediction guru

as it stands now...what do you call him?

Bold,,,, mainly because of his BC prediction

I was thinking a far different adjective. somewhere along the lines of "silly" and in that realm

If the season ended today, this is how the playoff pairings should be:


x-Toronto (6-4)
Hamilton (5-5)
Ottawa (2-9)


x-Winnipeg (10-1)
y-Saskatchewan (6-4)
Montreal (6-4)


x-Calgary (5-6)
BC (4-6)
Edmonton (2-7)

x- division champion

Winnipeg cannot play Saskatchewan in the first round since they are in the same Prairie division. Therefore Calgary is Winnipeg's opponent.

Playoff week 1

#3 Calgary at #1 Winnipeg
#4 Saskatchewan at #2 Toronto

Playoff week 2

#1 Winnipeg at #3 Calgary
#2 Toronto at #4 Saskatchewan

Playoff week 3

#3 Calgary at #1 Winnipeg (if necessary)
#4 Saskatchewan at #2 Toronto (if necessary)

Playoff week 4

Toilet Bowl @ 3PM: Ottawa vs. Edmonton (winner gets the #1, #2 and #3 pick in the American player draft which would be something new)
Grey Cup @ 7PM: Winnipeg/Calgary winner vs. Saskatchewan/Toronto winner


East Semi:
Montreal over Hamilton
West Semi:
Calgary over Regina

East Final:
Montreal over Toronto
West Final:
Winnipeg over Calgary

Grey Cup:
Montreal vs Winnipeg.

Interesting fun fact about your projection .

If indeed it is the Bombers vs Alouettes it will be the first time that these two teams have ever met in a Grey Cup Championship . It's hard to believe that in a nine team league that every combination of East vs West have not met at least once in the past for the championship .

The only other two East/West teams that have never met in the Grey Cup are non participants this year that being BC vs Ottawa .

East Semi: Hamilton over Montreal
West Semi: Calgary over Regina

East Final: Hamilton over Toronto
West Final: Winnipeg over Calgary

Grey Cup: Winnipeg over Hamilton.

Winnipeg in the final for sure.

It's a toss up in the East though.

I really feel MTL could do some damage in the east.... in the west it feels like a stampede is coming

A stampede from where ? are we talking Saskatchewan ? or Winnipeg ?

I don't follow you

Gee , what a surprise ! :grinning:

maybe you could explain?

explain what exactly ?


Maybe just give an update December 13th

Save you some work. :laughing:

East Semi: Montreal beats Hamilton
West Semi: Saskatchewan beats Calgary

East Final: Toronto beats Montreal
West Final: Saskatchewan beats Winnipeg

Grey Cup: Argos over Riders

Yeah, their franchise histories don't have much overlap. :laughing: