December 16 Expansion Draft-Ottawa

While there are 8 more weeks before the expansion draft,I nevertheless add/include this topic and speculate on the players that should/will be protected by the Als.

This expansion draft has 3 rounds.
Round 1 -Import Draft. Clubs may protect 1 QB and 10 additional Import players; if a club loses a QB in this round it can protect 2 more Non-Import players on round 2; if a club loses a K or P on this round, it can protect 1 more Non-Import player on round 2.

Round 2-Non-Import Draft. Clubs will protect 6 Non-Import players or 8 or 7,if a QB or K or P has been selected in round 1.

Round 3- Non-Import Draft. Clubs will protect 6 additional Non-Import players.

Which Import and Non-Import players will be protected by the Als? Here are,in alphabetical order, my choices for the QB and additional 10 Import players that will be protected by the Als:
Troy Smith QB

John Bowman DE
Duron Carter WR
Chip Cox LB
S.J. Green SB
Kyries Hebert LB See note 1
Aaron Lavarias DE See note 1
Michael Ola OL See note 1
Billy Parker DB See note 1
Tyrell Sutton RB
Brandon Whitaker RB

The Als will have some potential free agents not protected -Cash,Gainey,Hopkins are examples- but I don't expect Ottawa to draft potential free agents,whether Imports or Non-Imports, from clubs. The non-potential Import free agent that the Als will lose to Ottawa should be amongst these players:WR/KR Tyron Carrier, WR Brandon London, CB Geoff Tisdale, LB Winston Venable and DB Ben Wells. My speculation is Winston Venable. I hope that he does not turn out to be a John Grace which the Als lost in the draft to Ottawa,in 2002; he was a practice roster player with the Als but he became a star with Ottawa and Calgary.

Non-Import players protected in round 2:
Ryan Bomben G
Josh Bourke T
Luc Brodeur-Jourdain C See note 1
Mike Edem S
Shea Emry LB
Jeff Perrett T

Should Ottawa select a QB from the Als- Josh Neiswander,potential free agent, or Tanner Marsh- the additional 2 Non-Import that the Als will protect are:
Marc-Olivier Brouillette LB/S See note 1
Steven Lumbala RB

In this round 2, I expect Ottawa to select,from the Als: Kristian Matte

Non-Import players protected in round 3
These additional 6 are on the assumption that Ottawa will not select a QB from the Als:
Marc-Olivier Brouillette LB/S See note 1
Eric Deslauriers WR
Michael Klassen DL
Patrick Lavoie FB
Steven Lumbala RB
Jerome Messam RB

Should Ottawa select a QB from the Als, Marc-Olivier and Steven will be added in round 2 of 8 protected players; the 2 other players on round 3 would then be:
Anthony Barrette G
Martin Bedard LS/FB

In this round 3, the player to be selected by Ottawa should be amongst these Non-Import players: DE Bo Adebayo,G Anthony Barrette, LS/FB Marin Bedard, LB Nicolas Boulay and LB Jordan Verdone. I say Adebayo or Barrette.

Because of health issues, I have not included Andrew Woodruff amongst protected Non-Import players; I doubt that Ottawa will take a chance on this player.

What are your thoughts/speculations? We will have the answers in 8 weeks and it will then be interesting to compare with our choices/speculations.


Note 1: Refer to potential free agents. For the ones protected in rounds 1 and 2, I foresee the Als/Jim Popp to sign them to new contracts before December 16,2013; others, unless chosen by Ottawa, should be signed after December 16 and before December 31,2013

Where's Jerald Brown in your lists?

Voilà un exercice intéressant, Richard!

Pour ma part, je ne crois pas qu'il serait nécessaire de protéger Whitaker. Il a subi beaucoup de blessures ces deux dernières saisons et il est peu probable que Desjardins prenne une chance de repêcher un demi qui pourrait en être à une blessure près de la retraite forcée. Ceci pourrait permettre de protéger Brown.

Dans la trosième ronde, je ne vois pas pourquoi protéger Deslauriers. Jamais Desjardins ne va venir le chercher. Je protégreais plutôt Bédard, qui est une vraie horloge sur les longues remises, ou Nicolas Boulay qui a de bonnes aptitudes et assez de vitesse.

No matter what the list, there will be some quality guys left unprotected. There is a huge loophole in this expansion draft and that is under the table deal with pending free agents. It will be impossible to tell what is going on until days into free agency.

C'mon guys... why don't y'all protect AC and leave Troy Smith for us!! REDBLACKS advance... Go Rouge et Noir! :wink:

You guys got half our front office, even grabbed the secretary ! We should get immunity in this expansion draft :slight_smile:

Richard there is one other rule that applies to non-import kickers:

Any kicker or punter selected in the Non-Import Draft must be selected in the first round. If a Member Club had a kicker or punter selected from its roster in the Non-Import Draft, such Member Club would be eligible to protect eight Non-Import players in the second round of the Non-Import Draft, instead of six.

In Round 1 I would protect Jerald Brown and Tisdale instead of Ola and Whitaker and in Round 2 Brouillette instead of Bomben.

Venable is an interesting prospect. Looks like they are grooming him in Coxs position, but Chip will be around for awhile. Takes care of himself, doesnt drink, his only vice is hammering ballcarriers.

Interesting. Does make sense. I would not give up on Whitaker. As per Ola,Jim Popp has mentioned,on a few occasions, that he is an very good offensive lineman. If he does not sign with the Als before December 16,2013, he will not be protected.

As HfxTC wrote, good players will not be protected.

While Jerald Brown has had a good season,he has been beaten badly,on a few occasions. I don't think that he is amongst the top 10 Import Als players. Ottawa could select him.


For me defensive backs are a priority to protect in the Import draft while our oline is the priority in the NI part of the draft. Obviously your ratio changers like Emry,Edem,Brouillette need to be protected or have an agreement with them going into free agency.

If I am Ottawa I'm looking at guys like Bomben, Klassen, Lumbala,Matte

Imports: Venable,Hopkins,Cash,Carrier,Devine

Chip never “destroys” his opponent, he simply taken him down “gracefully”. Do you remember him doing a cheap shot on an opponent?

He has the same class as Cahoon. Does his thing, gets back in the line-up quietly.

Il est arrivé à Cox de péter les plombs. Un peu comme cette partie où il a réussi à avoir 2 punitions de 15 verges sur le même jeu. Ça a donné un premier jeu à l’adversaire à la porte des buts au lieu d’un 3ième et 3. 7 points au lieu de 3.

En fait, Cox ne fait pas de coups de chien. Mais il peut répondre volontiers à une provocation déplacée.

Marcel, PLEASE draft Whyte. PLEASE.

This was an interesting post with valuable comments.

Sean Whyte is a potential free agent; Ottawa won't draft him and the Als will,most probably, not re-sign him. As Herb wrote on a few occasions, the Als/Jim Popp have tried to re-sign him,but he wants to test free agency. As someone wrote before, he will most probably sign with BC.


It is ok we have plenty of ratio flexibility to go with an import kicker anyway.

But will they go back to an import kicker? I desperately want them to go out and get someone like Medlock, but if THEY are the ones who want to re-sign Pippin even after his craptastic two years as our punter, it doesn’t seem like they even know there’s a problem with our kicking game…

They know but it is a problem in most of the league. Winnipeg,Edmonton,BC,Hamilton and us have all had big problems with their kicking game this season. Calgary, Toronto when Waters has been healthy and Saskatchewan are the only teams that have had good kicking games and surprise they are a the top of the standings. That’s how important kicking is in the CFL. I think they’d like to sign Pippin and get a Canadian punter but if they can’t they will likely bring in an American.

J’ai de la difficulté à comprendre la fixation sur le botteur non-canadien.

Ce n’est pas parce qu’un botteur est non-canadien qu’il est un meilleur botteur. C’est parce qu’il est un meilleur botteur, canadien ou pas. Dans ses bonnes années, McCallum valait bien Medlock. Pourrant, il est canadien. Calgary a un excellent duo canadien.

Je suis bien d’accord que l’équipe peut s’améliorer au poste de botteur. Mais ce n’est pas en soi parce qu’un botteur est non-canadien qu’il est un meilleur botteur.

Its not a fixation. Its the same as QB's there just is more to choose from if you bring imports into the equation. How many Canadian do you see handling all kicking duties well this year ? The answer is ZERO.