Decade awards: Tiger-Cats in the 2010s

Very true! However, the subject title clarifies that it’s “in the 2010s” which, without getting too technical, is still “a” decade of 10 years; it just not “the” decade. :slight_smile:

This issue was discussed ad nauseam on the 3DownNation site where many got confused with their item on the “All-Decade Team”.

Worst Season: 2017

Worst Loss: 2019 Grey Cup - as expectations were much higher than they were in 2013 & 2014.

Best positive surprise: Dane Evans…as no one predicted how well the team would do after Masolli’s injury. (Some did give him positive reviews)

Most Significant win: Love 2013 EF, but 2011 EF in Montreal (the Grey Cup defending champs) we beat Marc Tresman and Anthony Calvillo in overtime at the Big O; with the duo of Kevin Glen & Quinton Porter at QB in overtime!
We had not won a playoff game in a decade…Montreal had won back to back GC…last time that was done by any team.

Best Coach: Kent Austin…Orlondo simply doesn’t have the body of work to get this distinction…yet.

Best off field accomplishment: Getting Tim Hortons Field built and operating…I am so proud each time I walk into that stadium…this is ours.

Worst off field Debacle: Where to build the stadium saga.

…only one thing missing to make our lives complete…

Then we fired Coach Marcel after the following game loss to the Bombers. ;D

I hated Jan. 1, 2000 as well… and not because I thought all computers would die. My millennium began at midnight at the end of Dec. 31, 2000

My 1980s began in 1980. My 1990s ended in 1999.

My 2020s will begin next week. Happy to wait for the handful of holdouts to join us in 53 weeks or so. Even happier to finally have a generally agreed upon name by which to refer to the current decade.

Got to be the ‘Roaring 20s’ doesn’t it. And Tigers roar!

I like that! The new and improved Roaring 20s’

Yup , canned Marcel and replaced him with Cortez . Dumped Glenn and replaced him with Burris and wound up out of the play-offs the following season with a sparkling 6-12 record. :o

Great Post EXPAT .
Bobo nice list of poor free agent siginhgs.

I would add Coleman, Nevis and Vernon Adams as ones that got away.

add J’Gared Davis and Adeleke as great free agent signings.

And J’Gared, Garret Mcintyre and Wynn as top dlimemen.

I think best quote was from Obie "Better is Better’

Worst luck
Chapman first pick overall and trade of Bomben
Craig Butler career ending injury
Fantuz early retirement
Will Hill’s bad attitude a waste of skill …unfortunate cut.
Urban going to NFl
Moe Petrus retirement
Collaros and Masoli injuries
Johnny Manziel not working hard on his fitness and playbook
Chris Williams bailing on us

Worst trades
Trading Charleston Hughes for Vernon Adams
Coleman for a 2knd rounder

Worst Players

Mike Jones
Justin Tuggle
Mike Daly
Greg Peach
DT Neill
Marquay Mcdaniel
Spencer Watt
Ol. Tim O’Neill
Neil King

Best Comeback story

Delvin Breaux
Simoni Lawrence

Best Olineman

In one area you state "Most heartbreaking moment:
(1) Illegal block penalty, 2014 Grey Cup
b Burris to Ellingson, 93 yards, 2015 Eastern Final in OTT[/b]
(3) Collaros knee injury, Sept 2015

In another you state we should have kept Gainey.

Gainey is the reason that 93 yard TD pass was completed. I was never so happy when he went away. During the 2015 season I said f’n Gainey countless times.

Yeah, Gainey got beat on that play. But he has played well ever since, and it took us a few years to rebuild a solid defensive backfield.

Pretty sure all DBs get beat at some point.

Gainey is one of those typical players you see who never seem to reach their potential until landing elsewhere.

In a nutshell it’s as if the Gainey who has played at an All-Star level ever since landing in Saskatchewan is not the same Gainey who stumbled and bumbled while he was with the Cats . It’s as if he was two different players . It’s a strange phenomenon that happens in all pro sports leagues . If he would’ve played like he had the past four years when he was here then there is probably a good chance that he might still be here .

3DN has been unveiling its 2010s all-star team over the past week or so. I think it’s fairly well put together. With fan votes determining the outcomes, there was always the chance of an all-SSK team, but that’s not what transpired.

The graphic shows a 46-man roster with starters and backups clearly designated. I thought it was interesting that the 2019 Tiger-Cats had 5 guys on the list: Breaux, Laurent and Banks as starters (although Banks is the starting returner, not receiver), and Simoni and Van Zeyl as backups. At least 10 of the players have retired, so I think this means we have a disproportionate share of the active players.