Debunking the Super Bowl myth/propoganda.

To any of you who have believed from the NFL propoganda machine that the game is viewed world wide, here is yet again more and correct information to the contrary.

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4.28 million viewers in Canada, wow that's more than a lot of Grey Cups.

yeah, last year's superbowl drew exceptionally well in Canada ... I think it's because two northern teams were playing. Hence I think this year's might do pretty well in Canada, too ...

I think that it's pretty sad though that more people will watch the superbowl than the Grey Cup if two northern US teams are in it, but the Grey Cup always includes two CANADIAN teams ... more of the general obsession with American crap.

Still, the Grey Cup is usually the most-watched event in Canada - it tends to outdraw the superbowl, even though it probably gets HALF the hype and attention, even up here in its own land ... :? :roll:

don't forget, last years supersnore was in detroit ( right across our boarder ).

I'm actually more surprised that Italy-France only drew 260 mill.Isn't FIFA always claiming that the World Cup draws into the billions?Perhaps Brazil's early exit,(well early for them at least),had something to do with it.But one thing's for sure: you can't blame THIS one on the Yanks.(Though I'm sure SOMEBODY will give it a shot.Hell why not?Everybody else has.)

You always hear know nothings in the US media, as well as the copy cats here in Canada, trying to tell us that the Super Bowl has a world wide viewership of ONE BILLION people!

But today in the Globe the actual numbers for last years Super Bowl world wide are revealed.

In the USA the game drew 91 million viewers. In CAnada the game drew 4 million viewers. That equals 95 million viewers.

The total audience that watched this game including North Aemrica? A whole 97 million. Meaning only 2 million people watched the Super Bowl outside of North America.

There's the cold hard facts. The Super Bowl outside of North America is just another football game the rest of the world ignores.

I know these facts won't discourage the hype from the xenophobic Americans. And I'm sure the copy cats up here will follow right along.

But remember the next time you here Bob Macoun or Dave Naylor try to tell us how the Super Bowl is the biggest game in the world what the real facts are.
Its two million viewer out of 5 billion.

Berezen see my earlier posting and what I and most of us have been saying. The NFL propoganda machine is so full of itself its oozing out of all sides.
Also, Bob McCown is a convert and he is on our side, the CFL and has not bought into the "billions and billions" nonsense. He said yesterday how it is unlikely that he will watch. In addition, Bob is on the Toronto Argos Grey Cup committee.
As for Naylor and Brunt, they are NFL puppies.

I wonder if prison inmates who are forced to watch it as part of their punishment are included in those numbers.

I think so many Canadians watch it just due to the fact they keep being told how great the game is going to be, You see adds on alot more TV channels and it seems to be in the paper more then grey cup is normally(unless it's in the city your paper is from)

Add in it's got more build going because in a way the grey cup adds build to it, if the grey cup is a good game or bad some people think "NFL players get paid more so it should be better" now while I do believe this game will be good only due to the fact that the bears Defence should cause alot of turnovers it will also be horrible Because Nealon Greene is a better QB and he's a CFL backup right now. The key way Chicago wins games is by NOT throwing the ball and just running every play.(it would be a good game plan especially against a cover 2)

Well, if you listen to the commentators , they will tell you that it is broadcast in 232 countries, with a POTENTIAL audience of a billion people(remember if this game is broadcast in China, they have a population of 1 and 1/4 billion people last time I checked), doesnt mean that they are all watching, as the numbers show. The number that surprises me is that 4 million Canadians watched the game last year.

The Grey cup in Vancouver had past 4M viewers and don't forget it also had 60K+ canadians in attendance.

So the difference? NFL superbowl 4.2M viewers, Grey cup 4.1M

That's actually good.
Especially if that's one of the better NFL draws, because the best CFL draw seems to be 5.2M(90th grey cup in Edmonton)

I'm going to say that Grey cup 98 in Montreal, the first on TSN will have high viewership, atleast 5M.

What really needs to do is remove all sports schedualling conflicts with the Grey cup.

How? No Canadian NHL/AHL teams in Canada that weekend, no Canadian NHL teams playing that weekend.

Now people I want you all to get your friends watching CFL football this year(specificly friday night football)
try and get that average to 600K+ viewers per game, 4.5M+ grey cup viewers.

I think so many Canadians watch it just due to the fact they keep being told how great the game is going to be,

I agree. The Super Bowl is so hyped up, in Canada and the US, that you would have to be a hermit not to know about it, especially with all the US media we get here in Canada. To be honest, I'm surprised that it doesn't doubly outdraw the Grey Cup. I think the GC is doing fairly well considering there is practically a non-existent US media hype for it. :thup: One of the few Canadian programs that get such huge numbers.

My roommate loves playing football, likes going to football games (in Calgary), claims she hates watching football on TV, but watched the Superbowl. (Part of that has to do with it being on where she was working, but she watched a bit of it while flipping thru channels when she came home.)

She also has no idea about the difference between the NFL and CFL (though I do my best to inform her that the CFL is better). You show her any picture of any football player during a game, and she can't tell you if it's a CFL team, or an NFL team.

My point is, I'm 99% certain that the only reason she watched (some of) the Superbowl, but didn't want to watch the Grey Cup, is because of all the HYPE.

Why do people watch sports they could care less about every four years during the Olympics? Hype. Why do people watch the Tour de France, or at the very least, follow it to some extent (who doesn't know about Lance Armstrong, or even Floyd Landis)? Hype. (How many people know who Jan Ullrich is? Or can name another cycling tour?)

I agree, the Grey Cup does amazingly well, considering it is pretty much out of the media for 50 weeks of the year. And during the 1-2 weeks that it IS in the media (of course, the Canadian media only), it's not given all that much attention, especially compared to the Superbowl.

And it would be awesome if the NHL didn't schedule any Canadian teams to play on Grey Cup Sunday (or any playoff Sunday) ... but it's the NHL, so they won't do that ... Not having any Canadian teams playing would basically ensure nobody would watch!

The superbowl is so widely watched, partially because it is the LAST football game of the season!

After that there will be nothing to watch except the HORRBIBLY MANAGED NHL, and somewhat entertaining NBA.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: the Superbowl with all the media hype we get on American television and in our own media should be outdrawing the Grey Cup by at least twice the amount and so should the Blue Jays with their audience drawing from the largest metro area in all of Canada.
Because neither no where nearly double the CFL numbers, heck a game between Regina and Winnipeg rivals Blue Jay numbers for pete's sake, proves to me the CFL is doing quite well.