Debra-Lynn IS NOT Sarah Palin - An apology

To Debra-Lynn-
After several sessions with my shrink dealing with the disastrous performance of my Riders on of all days , Thanksgiving, I am well enough to eat turkey and the stuffing too!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I have learned in my sessions that because I got mad at my older brother when I was 10 Michael Bishop is not performing well.
  2. I have learned that due to my childhood fear of Lions I now use the adjective drool to describe them as a defence mechanism to these adolescent fears.
  3. When discussing my favourite colours (green and white) with my shrink, it became clear that anytime the colours orange and black were mentioned or seen visually close to my favourite colours that I become my split personality full of rage and venom which amongst other things causes drooling from my mouth.
  4. When I see Paul McCallum kicking successful field goals against my beloved Riders I digress into a semi-comatic state visualizing McCallum buried up to his chin in a sea of manure.
  5. Finally, as directed by my shrink, the therapy recommended is to do the following:
  • Stand on my head and make gopher sounds out of my nose
  • Dye my hair Tillman orange to overcome my fear and distaste of the Lions.
  • Wear grandfatherly looking green and white sweaters like Stephen Harper did in the election t.v. ads to confirm to myself that I am a centered, sane person.
  • Finally, the most direct therapy suggested by Dr. Guggenheimer ,my shrink, to cure my unbalanced behaviour is to constantly ask the question - 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE LIONS' after every leos loss. This, apparently balances my emotions and the signature "... RIDERS RULE, LIONS DROOL" , brings the balance to the positive emotional side.

For using this therapy Debra-Lynn I sincerely apologise if it has offended you and the lion clan. And, as an old politician once said ," can't put lipstick on a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Peace and Love
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

:rockin: "... oh, and I might add that betting against my Riders in Big Dave's weekly pick the winners pool has NOT BEEN GOOD THERAPY EVEN THOUGH I AM NOW IN FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :twisted: :roll: :P :x :) :( :o :? 8) :lol: :wink:

Turkey thought since you are feeling down my friend I would give you a present.

...I recommend you continue with therapy...

From this point forth you shall be annointed Super Turkey Bend.

I bless thee with your new signature avatar.

LMAO :cowboy: :cowboy:

Gobble Gobble,

  • oh this therapy is cruel, but I must take it as my wings have been clipped!!
    However, my therapeutic posters be reminded that MY RIDERS WILL RISE FROM THE ASHES!

GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin: :cowboy:

Nice turkey leave the name of the doctor I know a few that could use his services LOL.

It's time to take your meds turkey.

Turkey Rules!!
And yes, take your meds. Maybe you can share a few with Sara.... I mean Deb....

Whatever you say dubba ya.

Don't you have some beer to throw or somethin'?

Unnecessary, guys.

But funny.

Keep the train rollin'.

Sorry for my part, I suppose. I was going to ask Turkey for some meds for myself, but just thought Deb needed them more. But if she doesn't want, 'em, Turkey get that extra prescription filled for me....

Unnecessary...but I see no one's using their magic delete fingers to clean up the garbage posts/thread?

It's ok....I'll get someone higher up to look after it.

Since you contributed to the banter in this thread, Dearest Deb, I saw no need to "clean up" this thread...nor did other mods, it appears...

Hmmm, so we all contributed in the other one, yet you cleaned it up? Rather inconsistent, no? Maybe because it was about the Riders' fans antics and not me?

Don't worry, I've saved this thread and intend to question why a fan can be singled out like this, yet no one removes the thread. I have a right to come to this forum, as a fan of the CFL, without having to contend with this garbage. Plain and simple. I "contributed" because I've had enough and why should I keep quiet?

Anyhow, this is to be expected from the ol' "gentleman's club". Old senile fat guys don't really have much else to do with their time.

So, if it entertains the senior's home, I'll play along.


but she is brighter than 100% of the Riders' fans.

Debralynn also needs to realize that posting here is not a is a privilege.

The reason the other thread was cleaned up is because it was off-topic. If you would pay attention, you would notice that three people were involved in launching comments to one another that had no bearing on the topic in any form. You continued with the intent of this thread (which was started in fun - your replies were also taken as being in fun), and therefore no cleanup was deemed necessary.