Debated whether or not to post this.

I read this yesterday and have been debating whether or not to post it....

I know its only a blog but as far as I am concerned, it reinforces my opinion of the media.

Posting it here, on one hand give the author undeserved attention while on the other hand exposes the fact that she has no idea what she is talking about and hopefully some of you will post a comment letting her know it.

[url=] ... CFL-060608[/url]
Racism is an apparent issue for any sport, but it doesn’t seem to get enough attention when involving the Canadian Football League.

Comparing the CFL to the National Football League, the CFL is smaller in all ways.

I suppose you can say it's in the same situation as an NHL located in the U.S.—full of players from across the border.

Rarely on a CFL team will you find someone drafted as a local boy. Most players are even ex-NFL members who, either could not find a place to resign, or committed something illegal according to NFL rules.

It is also apparent that most football players are of African American decent. In the NFL, it is not uncommon to see such skin colour on a regular basis. However, in Canada, and especially in the prairie provinces, it is rare.

Between the prairies, the vast majority of citizens come from European and/or Canadian backgrounds and are Caucasian.

It's hard to imagine the difficulties these American born players, and their families, must face. It is not uncommon for the rowdy fans to put the blame on the "black man."

Even off the field, they are the ones getting charged for allegedly committing crimes like sexual abuse or assault.

Whether they are ever guilty or not, it's highly unfair to pick on minorities and make racial comments. Fans have even vandalized their homes in anger after a game.

Everyone needs to consider that these men are just as human. They deserve the same rights as the locals. And, they need more respect.

These guys are altering their entire lives, sometimes relocating for good, just to provide the fans with something to cheer about. Why not do them a favour and say "thank you"?

Wait....Paul McCallum is black???

I honestly don't even know what to make of that... entry.

Couple comments I like:

You say its hard to imagine the difficulties these American born players, and their families, must face. so you just decided to make things up? You mention player's homes being vandalized but you failed to mention that in the only incident(that I am aware of), player was white.....I am not trying to justify the incident, just trying to supply you with something that you are lacking......Facts!
Proof? Sources? Marty, is that you?

I liked Angelo's comments to her. Pointing out what the words "import" and "non-import" mean, and demonstrating how the Trevis Smith incident is not at all a racial one.

Who hired her to write for that site? I'm thinking that Kel works there too.

Milt Stegall is a bonafide HERO in Winnipeg, imagine how much more accolades he would have got if he was white lol.

Whoever wrote that is smoking something good.

Pinball is a hero in Toronto.
If that is not respect I dont know what is

What are the odds this girl is related to sanduskyohiobro? :smiley:

...was just gonna say that sanduskydude would have a field day with this one...

If anything there is reverse racism in Canada being black.

Thanks Ro for posting this. I am going to point it out to one guy that settled his family in Canada long ago in
1949. He is still a very vital part of the Stamps Surgarfoot Anderson. he will only laugh at this trash.

What prompted the blog?


I'm wondering what prompted her to write it. It's fairly new.

Well since she never really gave a reason we can only assume it is for no other reason than to pander to controversy.

WOW!! Quite the opinionated young ignoramus who writes OF ELEPHANT DEFECATION!!! Yeah! that's it!!

Unfortunately for every good thing about the internet you can find five things that aren't worth their weight in ELEPHANT DEFECATION!

Like...This load of ELEPHANT DEFECATION...and the site it was posted on!

One can only hope that they have a very minimal amount of readers. Maybe this could possibly be looked into as a libel situation by the CFL?

Not so fast. Lets not dismiss these assumptions so quick. Being a mority it seems white people are so quick to dismisss racism. Lets here from the players. And please dont say it does not exist in sports. Alot of people hate rich black athletes.

Probably true; but then there are some rich white athletes that many people detest as well. Is the one racist and the other isn't?

I suspect the article was written in order to generate a controversay. I would say that the CFL players are not charged with offenses any more then NFL players and which likely anymore then the average citizen.

Based on what I have seen about the Bleacher Report site it is no different then any normal blog. Anyone can post there, based on that, I would give this post no more of a second thought then I would any other post of this site. It is someone’s person opinion, not backed by evidence.

Probaly true ?? what world do you live in. This is the case. Anyone care to admit they hate black rich athletes. Come on you are out there trust me

No more than the average citizen. I need to be a canadian citizen. You guys are so fair up there. I really hope ths is true. Not the case in the states. In the states all you have to do is be a minority and drive a nice car. Not to mention being rich, famous, a minority and a nice car.