Debate inside Bomber HQ spills over

According to Dave Naylor, tensions rise inside Bomberland over QB debate. Lapolice feels set at qb with the possibility of bringing 1 or 2 young guys in for a look. Top brass feel they still do not have a veteran QB. The names Kerry Joseph, Buck Pierce and yes Michael Bishop have been mentioned in the past 10 days. Michael Bishop seems to be the name that top brass are leaning to, but Lapolice is making it an issue that is makling the situation tense say insiders. Stay tuned, Michael Bishop may yet have a role with the Bombers...

There is no way Bishop is coming back to Winnipeg.

April Fools.

Let's hope...

Someone is going to have to explain to the Board that it will take time. If they are looking for the instant fix after last year's fiasco, they are well.... stupid.

So what do you make of this:

Buck Pierce is a wanted man.

The free agent quarterback is currently being sought by the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers and Detroit Lions.

Oh, but that's not all.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are expected to make him an offer within the next 48 hours, a Hamilton Tiger-Cats scout is evaluating him today in Vancouver, and the Montreal Alouettes have also expressed interest.

BC Lions coach Wally Buono called Pierce on Wednesday night to wish him well.

Pierce, 28, was released by the Lions back in March after five seasons with the team.

He had 692 completions for 8,734 passing yards and threw for 48 touchdowns in his career with B.C., adding 1,015 rushing yards and nine touchdowns himself.

The Lions were the only professional team that the California native had ever played for, but that's about to change. It's just a question of where he'll end up.

Pierce is a good QB, but I wouldn't want him as my starter...

…AND WHY IS THAT??? …just because he’s one concussion away from la la land… :roll: … …seriously…that is a very worrisome aspect to his signing…HOWEVER…he does bring a lot of talent and experience to the position…pretty hard to pass on him…especially if the Bomber medical staff give him the all-clear and he wants to continue his career…With a incentive laden contract and a huge o line to protect him…eliminate the crazy stuff of taking on huge defenders head to head…he might still have place in the CFL…Of course, if this is some kind of april `1 ’ joke…then i bit and all of this post is redundant… :lol:


I could find no such report from Naylor in the Globe.

So I guess this whole thread is another April Fool attempt. . .

Except for the article at TSN about the Bombers, Als and Tabbies showing interest in Pierce.

It was the "rumour" in the original post, ascribed to Naylor. . . about the Board favouring one particular QB and LaPolice being opposed, causing dissension. . . that I was seeking a link. . . because I have seen Naylor write no such thing. . .

With the Ticats apparently interested in Pierce, I wonder if that means Porter will be on the trading block soon?

Porter finished last season poorly, like Prechae Rodriguez. And look what happened to Rodriguez.

LaPo has stated that the Bombers are only after Bucky and they have NO PLANS to sign Joseph or Bishop!!

Buck Pierce has stated that he is only interested in playing on a CFL team that gives him the best opportunity so be a STARTER and Winnipeg has the best opportunity, he will not sign with MTL cause they have Calvillo and MacPherson and LaPo has had talks with Buck already and Mack will give him the best offer, Hamilton cannot afford to outbid Winnipeg, and Buck stated he has absolutely NO INTEREST in Going To T.O. Bombers medical staff has aleady checked out Buck and cleared him to play and Mack spoke with Bucks agent at least three times this week, i am sure that there is an offer on the table from the Bombers and Buck is ready to sign!!

LaPo stated interest on CJOB at 6:20 this evening

Bucks agent has spoken to Mack many times this past week and it is more than likely that Buck will sign with The Bombers, where he has the best chance to start, plus Hamilton won't be able to outbid the Bombers.

You keep saying that like you know what you are talking about... you do not have a clue as to the finances of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Take a chill pill Half, i just simply stated what The Bomber organization has said in the past couple of days, they stated that "They will beat almost any other teams contract". I never stated the Cats cannot afford him, just simply The Bombers have a higher need for Buck and will outbid any team for his services.

Also the Bombers have been talking to Buck and agent for sometime now, Buck even came to Winnipeg to have the medical staff check him out, that tells me that The Bombers and Bucky will come to an agreement a.s.a.p if they have not already have a deal in place and just waiting until next week for an annnouncement, it's happened before!!

Also it was a Ti Cat fan (cannot remember who) stated that the cats were scoting him in Vancouver, which made me laugh since Buck is still in the states. Also i probably forgot more about the CFL than you will ever know, i am more knowledgable than you think!!

That wasn't a poster saying it. That was said in the TSN article. From that article:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats scout is evaluating him today in Vancouver

Sorry, guess TSN needs to get there facts straight before making a statement like that!!

I guess the Buck stops here :stuck_out_tongue: