Death Threats to Khari Jones in 2002

I believe it was also in 2002 when Duane Forde and his wife received death threats.

The day after I (Sheri Forde) returned to work following my honeymoon with Duane, my co-anchors on the CFTO news desk flashed a picture of my wedding on the screen to congratulate me. The next day, I was ushered into my news director’s office…where I was informed that the station had received death threats directed at Duane and me. Death threats. People — 21st Century Canadian people — actually wanted to kill me because I married a black man. Imagine that for a minute.

I'm sorry but I do not know what an 'NP thread' is.... I do know what an NPT thread is though.

Alas , you are correct and that makes the challenge even tougher.

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National Post. I'm sorry if it's commonly called something else I'm not aware of.

Thanks, rpaege......An NPT is a National Pipe Thread. Standards of threads on a pipe.