Dear West; You're not so special. Sincerely, The East.

I was originally expecting to have to wait till the end of today's game to post this thread, but with the score currently 50-3 in the Als favour, it's pretty clear what the end result was going to be.

While the score is unexpectedly lopsided, anybody who was surprised by this result clearly hasn't been paying close attention to the games since Labour Day.

So basically you didn't have the guts to call this game beforehand? You waited until the score got really out of hand. :lol:

You mean like western fans did mid-season?

Now if only Toronto and Montreal could pack their houses.

Actually Eastern fans have been pointing out for many weeks that the momentum had shifted since the summer. Western fans wouldn't hear of it. Only the actual result would wake them up to reality.

I expect montreal to win the cup. Not because of the score, but simply because they won. I was so hoping BC would beat them for the post season upset. There will be one. Sask-Ed, no upset. Ham-mont, no upset but mont wins. So that leaves the only possible upset to be either sasked or mont to beat cal. Bottom line. Montreal cup, arrrggggg

The road to the Grey cup is sooooo much easier going through the east…


The East is clearly dominant since Labour Day. Calgary must be thankful they are in the powderpuff West.

in the end, the final 4 are the same 4 that would be still in it if the league was one division, thereby showing that going to one division would be pointless.

The CFL rules. let me get this straight, your second place team just beat our fourth place team, who has the same record as your first place're right, we're not special, just superior...


To be honest, we have typically seen the East as the weaker of the league for pretty much the last few decades. Congratulations to the second place team beating a 4th place west team at home despite having identical record as the first place team in the east.

Wait. You mean it’s not the whole west that’s better than the east? You mean there are only a couple of teams in the west that are better?


Well, we took Winnipeg back in the west so the east would at least look competitive. But you guys in the east be proud of being able to win 13 out of 40 games against the West (which includes games against Winnipeg).

In fact correct me if I'm wrong but the first place team in the east only managed winning 40% of their games against the west.


Montreal would have beat either Western semi-finalist today.

Funny how not having your starting QB affects your ability to win games. When Hamilton got their starter back, they started winning. Once Montreal found a starting QB, they started winning games. Once Saskatchewan lost their starting QB, they started losing games. Calgary and Edmonton avoided the QB injury problem, partially by both having two starter-level QBs. Not sure what happened to BC and Toronto.

Not really anything to do with east vs. west.

Anyway, only one more east-west game remaining this year. Guess we'll see if the #1 or #2 western team is really that much better than the #1 or #2 eastern team.

I guess dc moses is going to be quiet for a little while :slight_smile:

You know when the east started winning games? When they started playing against their own division. Only Ottawa had a losing record in divisional play (and you can guess where 7 of those wins that the east had were against).

No, it started before that. Starting in week 13, the east went 8 and 2 against the west. And two guesses which team lost those two games. Basically, the three top teams in the east went 8 and 0 against the west starting in week 13.

Also, please explain how "the east" started winning when they were playing against "the east". Every one of those games had one winner, but also one loser.