Dear TiCats Marketing Dept

First, I'd like to say I appreciate most everything you do to promote the TiCats. The gluttony seats promotion disappoints me still. So, I make this constructive criticism in a sincere attempt to help increase attendance and attachment to our team and league.

You've been running a promotion on the home page for a five game ticket package that includes free swag. Now, I realize that costs are often buried in promotions and that nothing in life is actually free (except the air we breathe, but I'm certain of the inevitability socialist politicians figure out a way to tax it too ).

My point is this: if five game packages come with goodies, what about the ten game packages? In the past, season ticket holders have received a free hat, towel, pat on the back, but this past year nothing, or did I miss something?

How about including in the cost of season tickets a hat, t-shirt, pin, something that indicates the person bought into the team in that given year? "Season Ticket Holder 2012" would be a source of pride and encourage others to step up and invest in the team too.

Our beloved Caretaker likes to show off new swag so maybe he could start a tradition of wearing that seasons-ticket holders swag in promo pictures? If you want to wear Bob's hat you have to buy season tickets! What would be wrong with that? They would become collectors items.

Tiger Town, what say ye?

As you say, Ockham the cost of that Tiger Cat promotional merchandise would be built in to seasons tickets prices.

IMO, from what I have read on this forum, most fans would rather prices were kept as low as possible instead.

The gluttony seats are the way of the future. They are a huge money maker at NFL stadiums along with the private boxes, they are called "Club Seats" it's time to get into the 21st century!!
It's all about teams generating revenue from better seats. The plan for the new stadium talks about the "club seats" and "private boxes" what have you got against that. Any plan that brings in revenue for the team means that they can actually make some money and stay here. If you don't like the club seats don't sit there it's as simple as that. I want to see the team tapping into the higher end market and not stuck on trying to fill cheap seats.
There are NFL teams that make more money from the private boxes and club seats then they do from the regular season ticket sales. Get over it.

The extra ten bucks for a dedicated season ticket holder swag would be a good investment and actually make money, IMHO.

Thank you for the expected story on how great the NFL is, mike. I haven't seen many people in the feeding area in the North stands so your certainty on how well that promotion is going is suspect.

I would say the benefit we get are awesome, I have checked out other teams benefits and the Ticats are by far way better.
I guess were in a day and age where everyone wants more !!

2012 Season Seat Holder Benefits

  • Great savings of 17-33% off individual game day prices.

  • Never have a Wasted Ticket Policy - Bring in any unused regular season game ticket (not including pre-season) to the Ticats Box Office and trade your ticket for one of equal value to any future regular season game during the 2012 season. (excludes Labour Day Classic, subject to availability).

  • Payment Plan - Spread your Season Seat payments over a 9-month span with bi-monthly payments starting October 27th, 2011, ending June 7, 2012.

  • Guaranteed reserved seating for all regular season home games played at Ivor Wynne Stadium and the opportunity to purchase seats for the 2012 playoffs.

  • Season Seat Holders have exclusive access to the pre-sale of individual game tickets before they go on-sale to the general public at Season Seat Holder prices.

  • Invitation to exclusive Season Seat Holder events during the 2012 season.

  • First choice to purchase your seat(s) and the opportunity to purchase additional seats for the 2012 playoffs before the public on-sale.

  • Account Manager - Manage your Season Seat account online at

Pay for your Season Seats
E-mail tickets to family and friends
Print-at-home tickets
Manage your account information

  • As a Tiger-Cats Season Seat Holder you will also receive one free regular season game ticket per Season Seat purchased for the 2012 season*. Complimentary tickets available only online through Account Manager.

  • 2012 Tiger-Cats Season Seat Value Book.

Discounts on Tiger-Cats Merchandise, tickets and Tiger-Cats Partner Savings.

  • 2012 Season Seat Holders have the opportunity to purchase Youth Season Seats at discounted prices**.

  • Season Seat Holders receive a 10% discount off merchandise purchased at the TigerTown Store at 1 Jarvis Street, TigerTown Sports at Lime Ridge Mall and the TigerTown Stores at Ivor Wynne Stadium on game day.

*Complimentary ticket location and game will be determined by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club.

**Discounted Youth tickets available on full Season Seat purchases only.

Ockham wrote:

"Now, I realize that costs are often buried in promotions and that nothing in life is actually free (except the air we breathe, but I'm certain of the inevitability socialist politicians figure out a way to tax it too )."

I'm confused! If what you say is true, that the cost of the "giveaways" are buried in the package price, then what is the point of offering them in the first place? Especially, if you're not interested in a new touque, and would prefer a Tshirt or a cap instead. Offer me a better number for the tickets, and with the money I'll save, I can choose my own "giveaway".

I want a special jersey like they did in tampa. Scan my jersey and give me my discount!!

[url=] ... ps-giving/[/url]
The Lightning’s new program for their season ticket-holders is the first of its kind in professional sports. All full season ticket holders received a home game jersey with their respective season ticket commitments.

In addition to the sweater’s distinct look, a microchip is inserted in the sleeve, thereby allowing season ticket holders to be identified at concession stands and merchandise shops throughout the St. Pete Times Forum. By scanning these embedded sleeves, fans receive a 25% discount on all concessions in the arena and a 35% discount on all merchandise purchased at the Times Forum during Lightning games.

Let's hope that the "club seats" and the "private boxes" work at the new IWS because this team needs to make some money for a change and selling 18,000 cheap seats just isn't going to do it. The city is going to get a share of the revenue from the Private Boxes and Club seats to pay for operation of the stadium.
Just check out the "revenue stream" from the city's own stadium report

[url=] ... report.pdf[/url]

Mike, "gluttony" is over-eating. I'm referring to the "all you can eat" seats section, not private or club boxes. Hamilton has an obesity problem and I'd prefer the TiCats not promote it.