Dear Sweetheart,

(a quick letter to Kevin Glenn ... to now be referred as sweetheart)

Dear Sweetheart,

I've been sticking up for you for some time now ... At first I was attracted to you because of your quick feet, your scrambling ability, a solid pass with a quick release, and decent reads.... But lately, i've started to notice a few of your lesser qualities. Your a wimp, and not willing to lead your team ...

Sweetheart, you are supposed to be the starting quarterback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers ... You know your backup has failed miserably in the past ... You know your team relies on you, and is currently 1-5. You know your team is playing another basement team, and its a great opportunity to compete and get this trainwreck back on track. Yet ... you are a wimp, Sweetheart. A mild ankle sprain kept you out for 2 weeks. An out-of-nowhere "Thumb Injury" now forces you to miss another crucial game ... You are letting me down. Granted it was Mr. Martin that was playing poorly ... But YOU as a team leader have to step up and suck it up ...

A thumb injury?!! Puhleaaaaze sweetheart ... You are going to need some thicker skin if you expect to survive October in Winnipeg ... There's a man not too far south of Winnipeg that is a perfect example of 'sucking it up' ... Mr. Favre of the Green Bay Packers understands that his presence IS required, and his taking snaps is of the utmost importance .. if not as equally important as having a solid game.

I have no time for glass quarterbacks ... Suck it up sweetheart. You are losing my support ...


I smell a breakup in the works. . . :smiley:

Tee Martin deserves a slap in the face... and for Kevin Glenn, he should go back to Saskatchewan...they accept injuiries. :slight_smile: Nice letter by the way.

dont worry…next week Winnipeg plays Hamilton…battle of the basement!!!

I hate to stick up for K Glen but if he cant hold the ball he cant hold the ball.
Ya need those opposible thumbs, Thats why gorillas dont play,
Wait a minute we do have Ted White playing for us!!!!!

Hopefully Winnipeg comes out first from the basement and Hamilton can watch the rats down there...

I hate to say i told you so, but i did. Your qbs will be your downfall. Howd
McGarity work out for you guys??? LOL

Thats horsesh!t .. Why did he make the trip then? Why was he even suited? If you can put on a jersey, you can take snaps ...

This isn't balet ... you play hurt - you don't play when you are injured. He is not injured ... he's hurt. How did Brett Favre manage to play with a broken thumb for 4 weeks on his throwing hand?? Its called sucking it up ... No time for premadona's in football ... TAPE ... tape fixes everything in football ... tape it up - suck it up ... go win a football game.

This is what its all about .. These are the kinds of things that will seperate winners from losers ... as a side note .. some of you may have noticed Stoddard got smoked at the end of the game .. it took him 20 seconds to get his cards in order ... But he walked off the field ... He's a tough character WORKING for his job ... a couple solid catches as well .. Can't say enough good things about Stoddard ...


He got injured during the game.

Again what can he do if he cant hold on the the ball
Ask Danny Mac

Sorry - we are not going to agree on this ...

I believe if you can walk, run. prance, disco, or sit on the bench fully suited .. you can play football. Apparently you and the sweetheart have a different take on what makes a football player ...

This team needs someone to step up and take the reins ... And a bum'd thumb is the perfect opportunity for sweetheart to step up and show his team that despite the everyday bumps and bruises of football, you go beyond the playground call-of-duty, and you suck it up .. go out there.. win a football game .. and earn a paycheque.. and the resepct of your team mates and fans ...

If his injury is SO serious .. then you unsuit, you goto the hospitol and stop wasting the teams gatorade.


Oh please
Have you ever even picked up a football?
First you say he should not have dressed then you say he should have undressed.

Why dont you just admit you dont like the guy and stop making ridiculous argumtnts

I dont know why I am discussing this with you because I dont care if Winnipeg even winns another game this year.

By the way
I cant remember who it was but there was a CFL quarter back who played quite a few games in with a broken thumb
How? They placed a football in his hand and then put the cast on.
I would bet they did the same for Bret Favre
Its kinda hard to to that on the bench

Yes actually (for the last 18 years) - I play in the senior mens ... Alberta Football League (calgary thunder). And trust me .. i've played my share of hurting football. I assure you ... being hurt and injured are two vastly different things.

and regarding the cast ... No. Brett used tape and a splint. Lets just agree to disagree. You like premadonna's .. I don't. I actually think Glenn is a decent QB .. minus the glass. Which is why I believe he has to step up and lick his wounds after the game ...


One last thing.
There is the possibilty Daily said "you suck have a seat"

Hahaha ... yea .. i think he ended that statement with "your backup Tee Martin has proven to be a far superior quarterback and his record and passing stats show it.". and then something about "pigs flying" and "hell freezing over ... "


Well, Daley has proven that he's not exactly the best judge of talent so far, and I wouldn't put any absurd thought past him. . .I was glad when the Riders got rid of him.

Why did Winnipeg get rid of Jones anyways? They were one of the best offenses in the league back in 2003 beating teams like Edmonton, BC, and Saskatchewan in the season. That is why they got 2nd place that year with the three-way tie because they owned the season series with everyone in the west.

Makes no sense to me why they got Glenn and got rid of Jones. Glenn was pretty much unknown until the 2003 Western Final where Glenn could have tied it for us 30-30 had the refs not taken the perfectly executed onside kick back from us because of “illegal interference.” Or whatever they called to end the game. I agree Glenn played well that night but to judge a guy on one game is going out on a bit of a limb.

You hate Glenn? We gladly trade you Glenn for Greene plus a case of Pilsner. :slight_smile: