Dear Spec/Ken Peters.

As the team is about to hire coaches named Working and Rust, for the love of gawd, please dont take this as license to go beserk with aliteration, word-play and similies.
Balsam St. Bengals is about the maximum amount of cheese most people can take.


Maybe we should get them all out now:

"The offence wasn't Working"

 "The defence looked Rusty"

For variety, substitute the names of various players each week, especially those who didn't "pull" (TAAFFE) together.

Just wait until we hear the names of the rest of the coaching staff.

You guys are causing Ken to rub his hands with glee right now.

He reads this forum.

The more you refer to it the happier he will be doing it.

I don't even think I can take the "Balsam St. Bunker/Bengals" anymore! How many times, between now and the end of the season, do you think Peters will he use either of thses quotes??

But at least we will all know he is not only corny, but unoriginal.

Don't forget "The Butler didn't do it"

The offence was really Working for Taaffee's Tabbies against the Argos as the defence also knocked off some Rust after the bye last week.

And those poor people in the shopping malls wonder why I still say no to the free gifts if I sign up with a subscription.

Thats a poor attitude for professional (I know, i laughing too) writer to have..... i stopped reading his articles last year... whats the point? He's no different then a fan with an opinion.

Until he is removed, i dont even pay attention to Spec Ticat articles.

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Perhaps someone on this site might want a link to the executive of the Spec, maybe if Kenny boy wants to try to spite the public with his writing... some of the paying customers of the spec might want to voice their opinion...

I know i have.

What makes it so frustrating is Hamilton has only one professional team and the spectator allows Ken to keep on covering them while a good sports reporter like Steve Milton is left covering figure skating. To me this is a sport more suited to Ken and his flowerery way of writing.

You guys are too much. let it go.

Does this guy every show support to the Cats? All his articles point out the negatives and the struggles. Do we have to win the grey cup to get a positive article?