Dear Santa,

Hey Big Guy! It's been a while. I stopped writing you when you stiffed me for the TYCO train set in 1977; you know - the one on page 137 of the Sears Wishbook!

Anyway, this year I'm asking for a team for Quebec City. I know it can't happen right away but if you can get the ball rollin', Chubby, it'd be appreciated!

Having Winnipeg in the East and worse, in the 'Cup representing the East really bites!

I want Carolina Blue unis and a logo that's half football/ half igloo, like this:

[url=] ... ords-1.jpg[/url]

See what you can do!

L'il Jeffy

Jeffy, remember the train set? (or not? LOL) Good, then you no doubt recall why you didn't get it.
Same same on the whole 'team in Quebec' thing and same reason.

Blue unis???? Please Jeffy dont write me anymore, the past thirty years were kinda nice, and quiet.

Chubby indeed.

Dear Santa. Could you please bring us a defensive secondary for Christmas?

And receivers who can catch.

and a defensive co-ordinator with a brain.

And Santa a slay load of Viagra for our Defence. :oops:

A Playoff Spot and Maybe a Home game.

Please bring us back Jojuan Armour and some discipline. A trip to the Grey Cup would be nice too (I know it's a lot to ask, but I've been a good girl this year).

I beg to differ...

Either that, or you've been a VERY good girl... :wink: :twisted:

Here Here Bring Back the Big Dog ...

We need his Bark and Bite on our D.

And a DC in a pear tree.

12 tackles tackling
11 guards guarding
10 beers a-chilling
9 take-aways per game
8 long bombs
7 hits from Moreno (per quarter)
6 100 yd TD runs


4 Clones of Lumsden
3 Randy Moss's
2 Terrell Owens
and an offence tht scores 100 points on Labour Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

For the only person that mentioned being good and said please I'll see what I can do, even if that's just giving Armour what he's asked for to make sure he's happy when the negotiations start. (Transformers)

The rest of you's? Lawn Darts.

I'd sign off with a good old Ho Ho Ho but I'm currently working in Australia so it's Ha Ha ha and have a very Merry Christmas.

(they felt the Ho Ho trip was derogatory to the Sheilas down here)

"Viagra for the Defence"!!!!!
I guess that is one way to plug the running lanes.... although they do call tripping penalties (:

What about the Sheila in OUR neck of the woods?

(Copps, that is…)

ya but there's no penalty in football for high sticking....


It would make calling "too many men on the field" calls easier for the officials I guess...

gives a whole new meaning to 'gang tackle'

Piling on?
Imagine the Offsides calls (lining up in the neutral zone)?