Dear Santa Wishlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Santa,
Please consider the following simple things for xmas:

  1. For my Riders a competent qb to throw to claremont, wexler, fantuz and company leading us to a Grey Cup win!! :cowboy:

  2. For the B.C. Lions some Grecian formula for kicker Paul McCallum

  3. For the Hamilton Tiger-Cats , a season Big Dave can be proud of-- even a .500 record!!!!!!! :thup:

  4. For the Edmonton Eskimoes - some protection for Ricky Ray and some defence.

  5. For the Calgary Stampeders - continued humility now that they are champs.!!!

  6. For the Winnipeg Blue Bombers- a return to winning ways with your new head coach.

  7. For the Toronto Argos- common sense in the head office and a young , deserving head coach who knows the Canadian game. P.s. don't worry about the NFL - it is an inferior product mostly.

  8. Montreal Alouettes- forgiveness to Anthony Cavilho as he is a good man! Most of the rest of the league would jump to have him as our QB!!!

  9. Ottawa Roughriders- Cancel the senate and use the saved money to re-start the Ottawa franchise.

  10. CFL expansion - look to Quebec City and the Maritimes sooner rather than later.

Thanks Santa - though I have been naughty sometimes mostly I am nice!!


I think you did a good job covering all of the times. Merry Christmas, Turkey! :smiley:

Excellent post! Merry Christmas everybody.

Couldn't have said it better myself, but have saskatchewan have a good pass rush.

Excellent post Turkey! :thup: :thup: