Dear Obie - Retire Now

Isn't it just as likely that Obie himself realized that mouthing off about his QBs in the media wasn't helping his team, and decided to step out of the spotlight? It's not like other teams' GMs are in the news every week. For the most part, a GM stays out of the limelight, unless he's announcing a big signing, trade, draft choice, or release.

I mean, you could well be right in your conjecture, but I am not sure why we should be predisposed to think that Obie's hands are tied. A GM whose hands are tied wouldn't have been as active as Obie was this past offseason.

I don't think his hands are tied, just that his mouth may be taped.
Sounds like you, d&p, agree that Obie has been quiet and I agree with you that it could possibly be by his own choice. But, I don't think so.

I doubt that a guy who has been around as long as Obie would agree to be muzzled. Maybe a younger GM with his whole career ahead of him might but Obie's nearing the end with nothing left to lose by speaking out on issues. My guess is that he wants to lay low. After all, who wouldn't want to avoid the heat of a disasterous, humiliating season.

I also blame the local media for not flushing him out because he has a lot to answer for.

An Argo-Cat fan

Evidence? Can you provide irrefutable proof of that statement? Alouette fans want to know!

8) Good One, "ExPat" !! :wink: :lol:

Look, friend, I was only asking ottawacat if he knew for a fact that Mitchell was sabotaging Obie or tying his hands. It's quite a charge to level at the president of your own team, wouldn't you say? I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to his opinion, either.

Bring this thread back up, for those who participated in it, to make a comparison. Our discussion was started when the Cats had lost 5 straight and I commented, with a few posts, on how long it had been since there was any word from Bob O'Billovich and how I found that very unusual. The comparison is here from Edmonton, where their team has now lost 5 straight and their fans would like answers to a lot of the same concerns we had back then:

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Trading Ricky Ray was bizarre, even more so considering Tillman did the same thing when he was GM in Regina. Both times Toronto was hosting the Grey Cup and didn't have a number one QB; both times Tillman made a surprising trade to give them one. However, I have no doubt he will rebuild the Esks into a consistent contender.

Back to our story, I'll admit I started this thread at the height of frustration. Things have improved since then and even with a loss on Friday the TiCats should make the playoffs, but probably not a home game. I"m still officially off the Obie band wagon. I typed "In Obie I trust" as much as anyone but the real break for me happened this past draft day. We needed depth at two critical positions: OLine and Receiver. There were quality players available, some a risk to make an NFL team. By trading down Obie basically said, "We've got sufficient n/i depth and don't need anything right now".

Obie could have rolled the dice and taken OLineman Austin Pasztor, a Tillsonburg native who wouldn't pull a Rottier and leave Hamilton for his home province in three years. Obie could also have taken Markham native Receiver, Shawn Chambers. Guess who got both? Tillman. While I like Obie's first pick, a Brampton DB who was known to be staying in NCAA this year, Courtney Stephen would most probably have been available later.

The great CFL teams have at least four n/i OLinemen if not five starters. This to me has been Obie's most telling failure with the TiCats. Nor have we developed at QB under his reign unless Lefavour starts the first game in IWS2. Kevin Glenn left town with a reputation as being a career .500 player who while competent isn't someone known as being able to take a team to the promised land. I predict Obie will have the same legacy as GM.

Note: I retain the right to completely retract everything I just said if the Tiger Cats win the 100th Grey Cup next month. Yes, I"m that fickle - honest about it at least

Ockham wrote: I'll admit I started this thread at the height of frustration. Things have improved since then and even with a loss on Friday the TiCats should make the playoffs, but probably not a home game.
true Ockham, although as a consolation if such a scenario occurs, the EDSF will likely be hosted at the RC which can be easily trekked and filled with ardent TiCats fans to induce a 'Home away from Home" type game/atmosphere.

Let's fill it to the rafters and place more black and gold in the stands than double blue.

Tillman just won't accept that a player makes more money than he does :wink:

On the other hand, maybe he'll let Edmonton give these players some experience, and then sign them as free agents three years later when they decide they want to move closer to home.

Gotta love the fine print disclaimer. Works for me. But I would have gone with an even smaller font size myself.