Dear Obie - Retire Now

Let's face it, unless a minor miracle happens this season is another bust. Have the TiCats been worse...sure. Do you measure your team against the floor or the ceiling?

Obie hired Cortez, these are all his players. He's failed. Miserably.

It's time to turn the team over to new blood. Can Danny McManus take over? If not, then find someone else.

We could have had burke. At least he knows Canadian football
Third and one and we go for a field goal

That's as asinine as not knowing when to throw a challenge flag. George stick to the nfl it's a smaller field. And your brain might be able to capture the concept. And yes when a coach makes that kind of bread he is open to this kind of criticism


Obillovich has always been overrated,and,I'm not surprised by the mediocrity...Mor.O'Billovich has rideen the coat tails of Mouse Davis and Bob Ackles to get where he is..

By himself??....We see the results....


Obillovich has always been overrated,and,I'm not surprised by the mediocrity...Mr.O'Billovich has ridden the coat tails of Mouse Davis and Bob Ackles to get where he is..

By himself??....We see the results...

Once an Argo always an Argo!

Obie is usually pretty good but the Head Coaching job is just plain "STUPID"...This guy ,like down in the old fashion states is afraid of hurting his star quarterback's feelings by sitting him for a few plays...chicken-shit is the word.The last time I checked the HC should be the boss not the pussy!!!

Bench Burris
Can cortez

Can O'Billovich
Can Scott Mitchell

Like I wrote before the season started. Obilovich is this year's Ken Miller...

The problem is there's nobody out there available id rather have at QB. We've had ample time to bring in and develop ANYONE who could step in as a starter, but we havent been able to find a soul. Porter is fine in a pinch, but he was given more than his fair share of a shot at starting and couldnt run with it. (besides, asking any rookie qb to step in on a team who's defense gives up 30+ points per night is asking for trouble)

Cortez definitely isnt going anywhere with that brand new contract...

The league's worst defense obviously cant be fixed overnight, and this offseason we'll hear once again how 'improved' the secondary is with another year of experience under their belts... except this time the secondary isnt the only problem on defense.... every aspect of hamilton's defense is a problem on defense...

This entire team is a joke. Im embarrassed to be a ticats fan during a season vegas bookmakers gave Hamilton best odds to win the Grey Cup. Its beyond embarrassing.

Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the team. Also, Obie misjudged the talent on the team. He's had his day and should be the first to go.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hamilton does not develop QB's. We get those guys that have a few years left in them and hope we can ride them to the Cup. Last week we had a perfect opportunity go give our other QB's some playing time and we left Burris in the entire game. This is common for the Cats. Our 2nd and 3rd stringers get little chance to play, hang around a few years and then we bring in more guys with great press clippings from college ball yet never get the opportunity to deliver in the CFL.

simple, pass on Porter, play LeFavour, what now have we got to lose!
Porter has had his chance (and failed) Bring on the new blood

Don't panic folks...

Wait until the end of the season and OB wil find a couple good FA Canadians recievers, sign 3 more RB's that cost less then Avon and look for a 78 year old DC who previously was a popular back up to the Special Teams coach in Aussie rules football. And of course will sign or trade for whatever QB is being cut and splash it all over the news. :roll:

Bob Young era = all sizzle and no steak and a big 8 year plan.................what a joke

I think Obie has done pretty good job.
He's won most of his trades, brought in some explosive offensive talent, and signed some big name free agents.
DBs have been abysmal, or is that from the constant shuffling deck?
Not finding replacements for MacIntyre, Hickman & Baggs wasn't good either.
I think we will soon how the Cortez hire pans out.

Obie is not the problem. He has put significant talent on the field.

My devious mind says that since Obie used to work for the Argos, What if it's a plot to keep the Ticats down to give the Argos a chance. :smiley:

And in a lot of cases, he has let that significant talent go. Just look around the league and see all the talent that Obie let go that are contributing to winning teams. Heck, just look at all the Tiger-Cat castoffs currently helping the Stampeders keep pace with the BC Lions.

talent at certain positions, others not so much.

Still too many holes to fill, with the OL, DL, secondary which need to be addressed, and should have been addressed near the outset of the season, not the tail end.