Dear OBIE : Marcel has to go ( Better is Better )

I have thought about this long and hard and have decided it is Marcel that is contunuosly the root cause to our failures .

Time and time again this team get's outcoached and out-prepared and also the team loses games in the 2knd half due to the other team's half time adjustments .

Two years in a row now the ticats have layed an egg in a very important playoff game at home and this is Marcel's job to make sure the team is up for the game and prepared with good plays and schemes. The ARGOS were uisng an experienced rookie corner back was he expoited ? No..the Argos have tow linebackers that are not good cover guys in Pottinger and Eiben ...Neither can stay with a running back coming out fo the backfield ..did we try to expoit this ? NO ...

We all know that Cobb is not a good running back and we all know the ticats do not have a running game but bever seem to do anything about it . Most teaams hand off to the running back on that last play and hope for a few yards if not more to set up the field goal . Our running game is so bad that we have to risk a throw on that play .

The reasons we beat the argos in previous games was because we had an incredible amount of pressure on their QB and because we stopped the running game of Boyd . Today we did neither . This is because BARKER made the proper adjustments and fixed those 2 issues and Marcel did nothing to counter.

A team takes on the character of your coach and I don't think the players respect this guy .

It's time to go get a guy like Richie Hall who has been in the trenches and let him and OBIE find a new offensive co-ordianator and bring in some running back candidates and some additional defensive backs .

the Argos essentialy have no passing attack and that is why our defensive backfield issues were not exposed today like they would have been against Montreal or Calgary .

I also notice that Glenn can't win the big game now two years in a row and he did no have a touchdown today ...that is unnacceptable ..I am not ready to blame GLENN entirely but Marcel , Gibson and our running game ( COBB ) I have seen enough of ,,,,,Glenn has done soem good things this year

THE ARGOS will lose the ALS by 3 touchdowns and so would have we ...

OBIE , if BETTER IS BETTER than these changes have to be made

While I agree with most everything else you say, I must disagree with your thoughts on Glenn. We didn't lose this game, or last year's semi-final because of Kevin Glenn. In fact, we wouldn't have even been in either game without him.

Agreed 500 Team again
Choked again Semi Final in Front of 27,000

"Statistics are for losers." and with Glenn we havent been winners. Cleo Lemmon is though !!

I think Dolfans would beg to differ after rolling on the floor a wee bit. LOL :wink:

Toronto found a way to win today. No knocking that. Lemon will have a HUGE test in the Big O next week.

Oski Wee Wee,


Changes need to be made and now.

  • Bauman likely to sign in Winnipeg, Nicolson likely to Toronto, draft a WR at #3 or #4
  • Fire MB and make Greg Marshall HC
  • Fire Mike Gibson
  • Sign Richie Hall
  • Release Boltus and bring in another looker, also trade/release Porter
  • Trade/release Cobb, look somewhere else at RB
  • Get a power FB, a Matt Bertrand or Jeff Johnson if you will
  • Replace Alex Gauthier at LT.Too many penalties, too little production
  • Otis Floyd is probably retiring, hole at MLB.Hopefully there’s someone in FA or on Obie’s neg. list
  • Replace DeAngelis with Aaron Ifield
  • Bruce might retire, he was thinking about it at the end of '09 but returned for another year.Would he be willing to do so again?
  • McDaniel is mediocre, we need a guy who goes and get’s the football, not waits for it to fall in his hands.A Terrence Edwards, Terrence Jeffers-Harris, Ken-Yon Rambo, Fred Stamps if you will
  • Get help at DT over Bolden.As good as he is, good doesn’t cut it anymore.DT is KEY to creating pressure and opening holes for Baggs and the LB’s.
  • Get help in the secondary, Tisdale a FA and likely off to the NFL.Heffney and Thompson are apparent FA’s.
  • Bring in competition for Wilbur’s job at TC.While he’s a good punter and all, if we could upgrade to an Eddie Johnson, that’d be spectacular.
    Lot’s to do this off-season, i’m REALLY hoping Obie goes over everything with a fine tooth comb and doesn’t buy whatever crap MB is selling that he’ll be able to turn the squad around next year with another year of experience and geling and blah blah.To capture first next year, or even contend for that matter, we have to be VERY active this off-season and make sure every inch of this team is rock solid.

I agree with most of what you say ...It's nice to notice that soemone is paying such close attention .

Gauthier is a ratio buster and will likely be kept ..The OLINE played well this year ...Steve Burrato is curently our oline coach maybe he canb be elevated to Offensive co-ordinator ?

Cobb really has to go ..while I was at the gamr i was listening to the fan 590 argos telecast and they weer making fun of cobb's indesive not aggressive approach to running ..there is no argument here
Boyd showed us today what we need in a rb ..This guy said they had to man up in that last argo drive as the cats new they were going to run so Boyd decided to bang heads with Otis and Jamal and the boys and he was ok with it

If OBIE decides to pack it in I just pray they don't promote Marcel ....

Richie Hall would be perfect

If FLOYS Aand Bruce retire wow we will be decimated .

BARKER showed us how to prepare for a big game ....The argos are not so talented but they were prepared unlike our talented ill prepared bunch

Stevie Baggs was non existant out there today ....

This team has layed way too many eggs under Marcel and i am ceetain they don't practise running plays as it sure doesn't look like they know how go about a running play

If we eaked iut this win we would have gotten smoked in Montreal anyway because our db's can't cover that receiving corps .

By losing today I hope that ensures the end of MARCEL , GIBSON , and Cobb ...

If much of what 15championships says doesn't happen, 2010 will be remembered as the start of another long downward slide, after a promising 2009.

I agree that HC preparedness is EVERYTHING.Argo's should've finished dead last or bottom two this year, but with Barker they're off to the EDF and possibly the grey cup whilst our Ticats team which was slated to take first place and likely the cup did the EXACT same thing as last year.9-9, lost EDSF.Time for change.

Barker, coach of the year in a cakewalk, MB, well, that's another story. :?

Does everyone agree that Marcel has to go for us to take a step forward ..

Players like Floyd and Bruce are not going to want to come back if Marcel is at the helm but might with a RIchie Hall

I think Marcel is on firmer ground that some would suggest. He may have to lose Gibson to hold on, but I do suspect that getting two consecutive playoff appearances (and home games to boot) will play into Obie's calculations. Considering where the team is from where it was pre-Obie, might be hard to get a former coach as GM to flush a HC after his second full season in the saddle. Just saying.

That being stated, Bob Young's comments on this board after the Calgary game resonate with me. How Bob feels about this latest collapse will tell a lot on what the content of any shakeup will be.

I'm not minimizing Bellefeuille's flaws re preparation. There is a sense that coaching is holding this team back. To not be more demanding re some of the gameplanning and playcalling weaknesses is a problem moving forward.

I'll be interested to see if the Marshall option is pursued. It cannot be ruled out.

Oski Wee Wee,


Bellefuille has not delivered. For the statisitics and numbers they put up, to be 9-9 and lose at home in the semi two years in a row respectively in heartbreaking fashion given the talent and early season expectations shows that Marcel is simply living on his nice guy image and is doing something wrong. O'Billovich will learn that hopefully in perhaps 5 more years of going absolutely nowhere. You can't sugar coat it anymore.

A team is a reflection of their head coach. This team under achieved this yr. Why? Ask the coach!

Well said Oskee. Gotta wonder why the coach's usual verbal dance (post game reaction) is missing tonight on video. I will give him credit for something, though -- after, as usual, applauding through many Ti-Cat errors, again today, he did finally show some appropriate reaction by destroying the headset after the final play.

Have to agree with most everything that has already been said. This one you lay on the coaches.
Forget the last play. It should never have come to that in the first place. We could have and should have put them away in the first half. We didn't because we didn't attack their weaknesses with our best talent. That falls on the pitiful coaching this team has had all year. It's time for a change.
Unfortunately, I think we may lose too many of our top players to be as competitive next year. This was the year we needed to make a major step forward. I think losing to the Argos in the eastern Semi-final was actually a step backward from last year.


Precisely.I understand that MB get's "angry" at the guys in practice but sometimes in games they need a swift kick in the a$$ to get them moving as well.Today was a fine example of when you get mad and start running up and down the team.You tolerate this crap and everyone get's the mentality that you're fine with what they do, A for effort right?WRONG!A thousand times WRONG!In pro sports it's win or go home and we didn't win.

Agreed. The powerlessness of not being the playcaller in the aftermath of such a critical playcalling blunder cannot be airbrushed out of that frame.

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ ,

What did Bob Young say after the calgary game ?

I suspect Obie's appetite for making major changes will be driven in part by his expectations for his own career.

If he is planning to reitre after next year, that would be a factor against him starting over again with a new coach because odds are he would not be around long enough to see the new direction bear fruit. In giving the current crew one more year he still has a chance to be vindicated if the team improves.