Dear Mr. Printers...includes disclaimer about Ticat fans.

Dear Mr. Printers:
(Note: this is a letter to put a smile on everyone's faces and not to get a pi**ing contest going.)

We the Ticat fan community celebrate your arrival, your confidence, your potential to provide leadership on the field and athletic ability.

Most of us understand that this will be your first start with a weeks practice with your new team and that you may be a little rusty out of the shot gun the first few plays with your new teamates.

We wish you the best of luck in gelling with your team and hope you use your given talents in part to enable this team, your team, our team to see how good they really are. We welcome you as part of this team.

Be fair to yourself and those around you, but do one thing...WIN and WIN as often as you can!

Good luck on Saturday

While most Ticat fans will be understanding of the missed play and bad pass. We have not won alot of games in the last little while. So expectations are very high and tolerance is at an all time low.

There will be fans who want a touch down pass the first play and will be expecting your pass percentage to be +1000.

There will be those that call you every name in the book when you have a bad series or don't punch it in when you are in the red zone.

There are those that will see a flaw in everything you do. But that is not all of us...most of us are realistic football fans.

Welcome to Hamilton Casey, we love great football, want great football and will let you know if we don't get great football.

Sounds like a fair deal...

:D :D Very Well put Jare. I BELIEVE we are on a new journey with Mr Printers at the helm. :D :D

Thanks, I thought so too.


You forgot the old saying "winning isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing."

yo casey, forget what all the people say, just go out on the field and do your thing, who cares what the fans think, just dominate.