Dear Mr. Bruce, in case you're reading this.

Dear Mr Bruce,

Seeing as the media have been willing to provide you with a platform so you can hear yourself speak, I just thought I would give you my thoughts. Just remember what you paid for them.

(1) "There might have been some things said out of frustration but it is what it is"

FYI, technically not an apology. You might as well have said "I'm sorry you were upset by what I said.". Also technically not an apology. But, it just sounds better.

(2) "I didn't say referees are racist or this league is racist. I just said it's a question, is that possible for that to happen?" about this... "Is it possible that Arland Bruce is a serial killer masquerading as a football player? I just said it's a question, is that possible for that to happen?"

John Stewart did a GREAT piece on the fact that you can get away with saying ANYTHING if you make it a question.

Saying "<> is a pedophile" is potentially slanderous. Saying "Is <> a pedophile?" technically isn't.

(3) "The racial issue, I don't think this league is anything like that but it makes you wonder why aren't there any African-American referees in this league?"

Because we are in Canada. They would be African-Canadians. Ignorant.

(4) "I wish I could talk to Mr. Black, one on one at the table," he said. "I know a lot of other coaches and players would like to, too."

Reality check. You're not that important. See: Robert Baker.

(5) ""If you look at the referees the times that we've played, be it Montreal or other teams, it has been unbalanced officiating on our part."

Hey Bruce, read that back to yourself. Does it make sense? Can the so-called unbalanced officiating be "on our part"? Should we believe someone who can't verbalize a coherent thought. Never mind, I read your last few "comments".

Anyway, my take is this. We all know that not one dime of your money will be leaving your pocket. "Unspecified amount" is either nothing or an amount that Toronto will pick up and say you paid. If they were serious, they would have suspended you for a game or two or disclosed the amount. The Argos might as well has said "We pulled him aside and gave him a good talking to."

Pinball, just remember that babying just makes them worse. If you want them to act like adults, make them accountable for their actions. Most of society works that way.


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You hit the nail on the head. Good post.

I'll second that.

Yeah, you pretty much covered it. I actually also found the backwards NFL hat with the NFL logo clearly showing was pretty offensive too. What league does he play for??

Cara, what league does he WANT to play for?

Valid point.

(3) "The racial issue, I don't think this league is anything like that but it makes you wonder why aren't there any African-American referees in this league?"

Because we are in Canada. They would be African-Canadians. Ignorant.

Amazing how that works eh??

It's a wonder the Argos can find a helmit big enough for Arland Bdrce's head !! :rockin: :rockin:

oops meant to say Bruce!!!

nobody should be surprised by what arland said considersing one of arland bruces friends that he works out with during the off season is dallas cowboys TERRELL OWENS. both cut from the same cloth just a me player

Just a couple of questions after having listened to Arland Bruce's post game tirade: Are the Montreal Alouettes an all-white CFL team? and If there were black referees in the CFL would Bruce expect preferential treatment from them as a result?

Ah yes, I saw that episode of The Daily Show a few weeks ago. And apparently, Bruce did not. And he could have learned an important lesson if he did. Perhaps he would have learned that perhaps you can't get away with making slanderous statements if you put question marks at the ends of them. That was what Fox News was accused of trying to get away with, according to the Daily Show, and they gave some good examples of that.

And was he expecting an answer to that question? I don't think he was. Then it sounds like it was a rhetorical question, and thus, a way of making a statement.

And I could go on about how absurd his remakes were. I mean, if the officials obviously had a problem with a Bruce's coach's race, then you would think they would not have to be bribed. But I'd rather not continue about this. If his remarks were posted in a web-based discussion forum such as this one, they would be considered a troll. And that's why I perhaps should not even bother going on about his remarks.

If the cfl can have african-american players/ coaches, why is it wrong for them to have african-american referees?

your ignorant for even questioning that lemmings, your a serious hypocrite.

Bruce has a valid argument, what would be the problem with the CFL importing a few refs from the states that have prior experience working at the ncaa, arena league, nfl, nfl europe level? whats the big problem with that? I find it very ignorant that YOU as a Canadian are not open to the idea of having a ref of a different colour from a different country participating in the CFL as a ref.

Boy have you got that wrong. We cannot have American refs period. As long as there are enough qualified Canadians to fill a job Americans are not welcome no matter what their colour.

Like I said before, we had them when we had American teams, and some stayed on board for a while even after the American teams folded.

I think you totally missed the point on this and your comments are as naive as your signature.

I don't think the nationality of refs is important. But the thing is, there are no American refs in the CFL of any colour. They aren't trained in our game and its rules. I'm not aware that any have applied to become refs here. That isn't surprising, why would they when there are so many leagues to play for in the US? Besides, the pay of a CFL official is probably not nearly enough to attract a US oficial to move here for half a year to referee our games. I understand there were some American refs, of whatever race, when we expanded there briefly. They were at home then and it probably made sense then for them to be employed in the CFL.

It's not that we should not have American referees, of any colour, it's just that it would be unlikely. So I think the original point is a good one, any black refs we might have would in all likelihood be African-Canadians, not African-Americans. Why would Bruce assume otherwise?

By the way, I wonder how Bruce would feel if there were Oriental- Canadians or Indo-Candians among the officials? Would he thik they don't like him too?

bruce wanted african-american refs, because the majority of import players in the cfl are african-american, bruce wasnt trying to slight orientals or indians or any other group. What Bruce said wasnt a diss on anyone else, it seems to me that when a black person makes a claim of racism, white people love to jump all over him, and try to put a politically correct spin on things, instead of trying to figure out what is causing his frustration, instead of dissecting and attacking Bruce's comments, why dont you do some research and ask what might be causing him to be upset.

instead of having an articulate conversation, you chose to refer to name calling and you are running away from your problems.

Actually the cause of his frustration is quite clear. His team lost. The incompetency of officials had little to do with it but Bruce insisted on looking for excuses. In his state of frustration he let it slip what a racist pig he really is. There is no way in heaven he would accept the same statement being made against a black referee by a white player and there is no reason why we should put up with his racist garbage. There is absolutely no point in defending him. Everyone on the Argos distanced themselves from his rant because they knew how foolish it sounded an what a racist it made him look like. Check that. There was 1 defender and he should get his sorry butt kicked out of the league as well.