Dear Moderators...

Could you please shut this site down until Monday? I think it will be a life-saving thing to do. Too many people are on the verge of a coronary judging by what they spew out through their keyboards...

So go away until Monday.


Cuz you say so?

I like it here. If you don't, then go away yourself until Monday.

I dont post much but I have noticed that you have a bad attitude especially towards anyone who disagrees with you or posts negatively. People who dont like certain players or dont agree with you are not always trolls. People are upset because our team is pathetic and this site is for discussion and venting. If you dont like it, log out till monday and leave us alone.

Don't shut it down.

We all love the CATS and will love them forever.

We also love this site so we can Bitc... you know what until our hearts delight.

The one thing we can't complain about is this fantastic new website.

Time for me to go, see you next game at the '0' and '6' fest.

I totally agree that there should be a 3 day waiting period between a Ticat loss and a forum post. Didn't Bob mention something like that before?

It might help calm the negativity. Sometimes I wonder if Bob and Co. really regret giving us fans such a great forum to voice our mostly misguided opinions.

  • paul

How about we black out all games and lock the gates until we win a game?

If they didn't before I'm sure they do now.. this is pathetic, it's like a nursery in here.. I'm off to Shoppers(TM) to get some diapers for all the babies here

one problem. There was no indication of sarcasm and the request fits perfectly with your personality

3 days from now I'll be saying the exact same thing as will you.

I think he wants to be the first troll with 1500 posts.

hey i've go no problem with someone who disagrees with me as long as it doesn't get personal and it goes both ways in an argument.
i think most of us are here for the right reason because we are passionate fans.
anyone else at least try to humour me.

sigpig you need to grow up and accept that not everyone shares your opinion. In fact, your opinion is quickly becoming the minority on this forum. You are a great Ticat fan because you have Faith in the team, but blind faith is not always a good thing.