Dear mister Jim Popp...

Dear Mister Jim Popp,

With all the managing duties you currently assume with the Alouettes, it is understandable that you are so close to this team that you might not see what us, the fans see from our very distant seats.

So I'd like to share a view that's just so obvious for the rest of us:

  • R-Kal Truluck needs to be benched. No matter how nice he rushes the QB, he hurts the Als more than he helps with his lack of self-control. How many penalties did he alone get this past Saturday again?

  • Thyrone Anderson should not be sent to the field unless all our other receivers, including Shawn Diner and Ashlan Davis, are injured. I'd rather see a smaller receiver drop the ball while trying hard, than to see that tall wuss watch the ball floats over his head to avoid being tackled. I can't imagine how demoralizing it must be for the rest of the offence to see that sack of lameduck feather let the ball go all the time without even trying.

With these two out of the line-up, we might have a chance against Toronto. But we just might...

I agree with both points.

There were a couple of passes to Anderson where he didnt even raise his arms to try and catch the ball.

Anderson is so lazy and afraid of contact it's not even funny. And then when he does make a meaningless catch at the end of a game we're losing, he goes and celebrates like we just won the Grey Cup. Total loser, get rid of him.

Agreed, totally agreed.

Watkins and Wilson at wideouts, Cahoon and Edwards in the slot, Stala backing them up, works for me.

Amen brother

Anderson should be gone... I agree with with your post!