Dear Mark Cohon

I am a Canadian but have lived in California for the last 6 years. I still have season tickets in Saskatchewan which my mother uses just so I can go back once or twice a year for a game or two. I was thrilled when made a deal to have games broadcast live down here on espn 3 and NBC sports. HOWEVER...when you do your rights for next year could you please just stick to ESPN 3...
NBC sports is showing the east west finals exclusively and neither one is live. With the East final on at 9pm Sunday night and the West Final not even on till Monday night!!! This is totally useless for us CFL fans who gather to watch games down here, and I'm not sure how you could even think to allow this. So for this year I guess I will have have to listen to the game on the radio but please please please next year no more NBC sports unless its actually live....Thanks

Cohon talked about this, sort of, on a recent radio broadcast (there's a link to it somewhere on this board). It sounded as if he was going to New York to negotiate expanded coverage for next year. Apparently the ratings have been pretty decent on ESPN, so who knows. He's on the case though. Hopefully he'll work out something better.

I'm with you; I would rather see all the games on ESPN3, but I understand the the situation is likely more complicated than simply doing that.