Dear Marc Trestman: I Want My Ticket Money Back

Dear Marc,

I was really looking forward to seeing you and the boys here in Winnipeg all decked out in my Als gear to cheer you on. I realize that we've got the east locked up and that we already have the bye, but I figured you'd have learned from last year and seeing the results of previous years that winning games and maintaining velocity/intensity is important down the stretch.

Apparently you haven't.

Today I witnessed a complete and utter embarrassment by the Alouettes. It's not even the loss that I'm most angry about, its the way the team played. They played like they didn't care about winning. They played like it didn't matter.

McPherson - I understand with Calvillo injured this was a good opportunity to give him reps, but you better have a long term plan to coach this kid or let him be what he seems to really want to be: a running back. He was slow to throw the ball, quick to run, and poor with his accuracy and reads.

Poor Play Calling - What were you thinking when you went for it on 3rd and 1 close to your own 45? (We didnt make it and turned it over on downs if you don't recall how that ended) On 3rd and short later, in Winnipeg territory, you went for it again instead of kicking the field goal and getting points (pass was incomplete, turned it over on downs)?! And those are just two examples.

Special Teams - HORRIBLE! Duval was schooled on punting by TROY WESTWOOD! Apparently nobody on special teams can tackle, and you should explain what the concept of "blocking" is.

Defense - So, I get got beat in that center lane once...ok, it happens...but then your secondary continued to give Winnipeg deep pass after deep pass down that SAME CENTER LANE! How is it that no defensive adjustments were made when you realized that they were hurting you in the same spot over and over?! Horrible display by all facets of the defense though.

This game was brutal on all fronts. Absolutely, 100%, on all fronts, brutal.

If you and the boys aren't even going to try, just don't bother coming next time. Lock up the east, then just forfeit all your remaining games. I would actually prefer that instead of seeing this sort of train wreck.




Sincerely DB they are 2 and 1 since they have locked up the East. Your entitled to your point of view. I for one am just interested in the trophy.

Geez, I'd hate to see Dirty Birds posts if you had the Argo's record! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

C'mon guys..

DB is entitled to express his opinion especially when he can only see his favorite team live, once or twice a year because of the schedule.

I would also be livid if I was him !

Calvillo is banged up, Sanchez was banged up. Two pretty good starters missing.

Why blame Tressman?

No one turned on him. Ro dismissed him, I told him he's entitled to his opinion and the other comments is suggesting he would be really depressed if he was a fan of a lousy team.

I'm always skeptical of people who create an account to vent.

So let me frame my rant...actually first: Sportsman, I used to be a Bombers fan way back in the day...this year's Argos got nuthin' on the levels of ineptitude that I've seen. :wink: a little history lesson, just to refresh our memories here:

Als come storming out of the gate, racking up a 7-0 record. They then proceed to drop the NEXT 6 GAMES. They finish off the season 4 - 2 with a 11 - 8 record (no my math isn't off, remember that the season was 20 weeks before 2007). They came out strong, got comfortable and sloppy, and almost screwed up their season. I was at the Grey Cup in Winnipeg that year and saw a BC Lions team use three different quarterbacks to beat the Als.

Not the greatest season (8 - 10). Good enough to get to the semi-final eastern playoff game in Winnipeg. I was at that game too and witnessed firsthand as the Als, who were leading in the 4th quarter, went for a 3rd and 1 when they should have punted it. They didn't make it. A few plays later Troy Westwood booted a field goal to beat the Als and end their season.

Als have a solid season, and with a rookie CFL coach no less. They racked up a 10 - 5 record with three games left in the season (sort of like the Als this year: 13 - 2 before todays game). They went on to lose the last two games of the season..."nothing" games since they were already set in the standings...similar to this year. We all know what happened: they lost to the Stamps in the GC.

Over the last three years we've seen the Als start hot, then falter; we've seen them make stupid play calls that have had adverse affects to their seasons; we've seen them not finish a winning season by winning out the remainder of their games even though they didn't matter and continue the winning velocity into the playoffs.

So yeah, when I see a game like I did today, I get pissed. This team has had so many opportunities over the years, with so much talent, and they've somehow squandered it. This year they need to finish this season on a winning note heading into the playoffs.

Calvillo and Sanchez are beat up; so what? That doesn't excuse the rest of the roster! If someone watched this game today and then were told the losing team had a 13 - 3 record and was the eastern champions and DIDN'T rest most of their starters, I think they'd have a hard time believing that.

And to the question about why be upset with Trestman: He's the coach. It's his job to ensure that if adjustments need to be made, that they get done. The Bombers were able to execute similar plays over and over to the same spots on the field with success; no adjustment. McPherson kept trying to channel his inner Michael Vick and never settled down to try and just pass the ball; the coaches should have given him more direction on that. Where was the commitment to the run, especially with a backup quarterback at the healm? Coach's decision. And on, and on...

I expect alot from this team, especially this year with the record that they have. Assuming they get to the Grey Cup, they're going to be challenged by western teams with a lot more talent and fire than the Bombers do; they need to start playing to that level.



2006, we finished 10-8:

My bad: 20 weeks, 2 byes...10 - 8, so my math was off. :wink:


Dear Mr. Trestman, thank you.


Mike K.

p.s., would once more next week be asking too much ?

LOL check out the ticats forum they think montreal threw the game so that hamilton misses the playoffs cause you are afraid of them LOL seriously check it out if you dont believe me :smiley:

There are 3 Major conspiricy theories in the world today

  1. the moon landing was fake
  2. America was behind 911
  3. The CFL will do anything to screw the Cats.

Well the last one is only in Hamilton

That's just ridiculous. Everyone knows that Montreal threw the game so that EDMONTON won't crossover. :lol:

LOL those are both hilarious comments about edmonton crossing over lol i dont think they need any help missing the playoffs HAHA and ya it was the funniest thread ive ever seen made my entire week...well i guess the last two days of the week...but still LOL

Dear Aloutettes:

Like "I want my ticket back", I echo the sentiments of dismay at the dismal play of the last two games, particularly on defence.

I quite appreciate that having sewed up 1st place early in the season, you have to consider a delicate balance between protecting your most important players and keeping sharp. I also realize that there have been injuries in some key positions, especially on defence.

However, I cannot but lament the fact that there has been no significant pass rush over the last two games. In professional football, ANY decent QB, given the time, is going to find open receivers. A hurried QB, one who spends a good deal of the time trying to outrun a pass rush, will not be as effective. The secondary has been particularly lacklustre as well. With no significant pass rush, man-to-man coverge is showing definite weaknesses, which much be addressed. While Montreal has nothing to gain in the standings, Winnipeg is still trying to secure a playoff berth and the game is significant to them. Your last game against the Argos cannot be taken lightly either. They are looking at next year and this would be a great opportunity to give your guys some reps, but also playing the starters to keep them sharp.

I don't want to find fault with McPherson. He is a young and new QB who has to learn the ropes. He will have to learn to make his reads faster and to dump the ball off or run as required. DBs, knowing this about him, will have to take that into account and this should help his passing game. However, there were a lot of dropped passes by the receivers, passes that were very catchable. This killed drives too early, and could have helped the Als eat up the clock and go in for major scores.

The Als MUST, repeat MUST remain sharp, considering that they will have a bye going into the East Final. In the Als-Ticats game, the offence did its thing as per usual, but the defence did not. In the Als-Bombers game, both sides of the football were abysmal.

I sincerely hope that the game film of the last two weeks will be carefully studied. Defensive schemes may need some adjustment, and the QB will need to work on reads and making quicker decisions. His passing accuracy seemed OK. Also, Calvillo needs some reps as well.

What about this? Play AC in the first half, and use McPherson in the 2nd. How about Leak? He should get some playing time against the Argos.

I am a loyal fan. The Als this year have indeed rightfully earned the title "The Class of the League". However, this past Saturday, they stunk the joint out. C'mon guys, you are much better than that and you owe it to your loyal fans!

Go Als go!!!!


They owe it to the fans to protect their starters so they dont get hurt for the playoffs

Dear Mr. Trestman

I admire your courage to rest AC and some of our injured guys and by the same fact allow some players who work so hard in practice to test themsleves and improve their readiness in the event of an injury...

To our players, I admire you guys, stay true to yourselves and each other :thup: