Dear Ken Peters......


lol..I think "Miller" nailed it......they all have a "crush" and are pissed because I said no!...well, to the guys anyhow.. :lol:

i know i'm hungry. all these damn wendy's commercials.

:lol: :lol: ..good one!.....

Let’s get back on topic…so yeah, I think Ken could be ok…just stop with the “leather” and “Trey”…other than that, he’s got potential…lol

I know he’s a Ticats fan! :thup:

Soquid, Fpoon.....drools...mmmm ice-cream

I have read all of the beat writers in the CFL and Ken Peters is the worst.

As a beat writer most of them just state the facts and leave the opinions to the other writers (Good ones like Steve Milton), i basically dont read Ken anymore because its really no different than reading an educated post on this site (the few that exist).

I suppose in that way it's much like us reading [some of] his articles. 8)

Was the Ticat beat reporter on the train yesterday? CHML was there. I'd think the Spec rep would at least want to be there as well, incognito if preferred.

You just gave me the biggest craving ever. :cry:



Hey Kenny BOY! Sign up and clap back to mikeys criticism. Dont be a panzee! you put the mennonite last name (Peters) to shame.

8) This site has been sinking rapidly since this new board started up in May !!!! That comment has to be one of the worst though, and to top it off he can't even spell !!!!

If that doesnt warrant a banning nothing will.


consider him banned.

wow, that was quick work

I wonder if that was really Barrenchea though? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm sure CM knows whether or not that was actually Barrenechea, and if it was, he deserves to be banned.

On the other hand, I sent CM a PM a couple of days ago, practically begging for an answer, but none has been forthcoming. I consider the abuse that my complaint discussed with him was very important. (to me, anyway)

Too bad he doesn't respond to legitimate complaints with the lightenening speed he used to ban Barrenechea.

Sometimes, life is a two edged sword.

I dont think they (the mods) get a chance to read their PM's as often as we do...

i've sent a couple and got no response.

meh.... life goes on.

This thread was locked, once again, for personal remarks.